Twenty-Three (스물셋).

I’ve been going back and forth for the last few days, deciding on whether or not I should share this song (partly because of the controversy that’s been surrounding IU for the past week, and partly because I just wasn’t sure about posting it). This song is as catchy as it is understanding of the anxieties of being twenty three. This song encapsulates the contradicting desires of wanting to be both grown up, but also remain young and carefree (does this remind anyone of Britney’s Not a Girl not Yet a Woman?), as well as the worries of trying to find oneself. Having just turned twenty-three on Tuesday, it’s true that I’m dealing with these concerns myself, so I’m able to relate more than ever before to both Britney and IU. (Sidebar: I find it so funny that when Britney’s song came out back in 2001, I thought I could totally relate to her… bearing in mind I was only about nine! So just imagine how I feel now, actually being of age to understand what she’s really singing about…) Just like Britney, IU manages to bring that sense of mixed emotions towards growing up to a danceable, sing-a-long-able track that you’ll have on repeat for the next few hours, if not the next few days. IU’s song also goes to show that these feelings are not just exclusive to those of us living in the western world, but also spreads to those of us living in every country.

And obviously I’m loving the Alice in Wonderland theme of the music video! Happy Sunday.




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