Five Favourites Thursday: November 2015.

Even though November is hands-down my favourite month of the year, by the time it gets to around the 20th of the month, I always find myself wondering what hell was the point of it. For me, November always ends way too quickly and before I know it, it’s already December and then the New Year. Anyway, rambling aside, here are my five favourite things that happened this month.


I saw this on Tumblr the other day and it not only reminded me to enjoy every moment of life (something we all forget to do), but it also reminded me of all those small almost insignificant moments in the past month that I’ve enjoyed: from the mundane like eating junk food with my sister, to the extraordinary like you’ll read below!


I have been OBSESSED with these drinks since they were on offer in Sainsbury’s a few weeks ago. In the space of two weeks, I’ve lost count of the number of bottles of drank of the stuff. These drinks are pressed juices/smoothies (I’m still not quite sure what it is) made from vegetables and fruits, and OMG THEY ARE DIVINE. My favourite is the green one which is packed with everything from apples, to kale to broccoli. I love it so much that earlier this week I paid full price for it! Mmmm, these are really good stuff.

Five Favourites Thursday: November 2015


I’ll be writing more about this on Monday, but I went to see Turbowolf at the end of October. It was such a good night.


This is a little teaser for a post I’ll be sharing the coming weeks. I went to see IAMX for the first time and OH MY GOD IT WAS THE SINGLE GREATEST EXPERIENCE OF MY WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE.

Five Favourites Thursday: November 2015


I swear my new blog has completely taken over my life. Because it’s still in its infant stages and because I have a specific vision for it (unlike this mess of a blog hahahaha) I’ve found that I’m spending WAY more time writing posts and trying to make it the best blog it can be. I know that this blog has taught me so much about blogging and writing, and it has been so helpful in my new blog. While this makes my new blog a little easier to curate and navigate, it also means I know what I need to do in order to improve and share content, which takes a lot more effort and time. I know I’ve been neglecting this blog for the last month, but it will always be my baby and remain close to my heart; and I will always try to continue sharing all my favourite fashion, television, music and snippets of my life with you.

November really has been such a month! Bring on December. Happy Thursday.




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