Riser MV.

It’s kind of funny that I haven’t listened to Dierks Bentley (or to any country in general) in a little while, but then found myself singing this song the other morning as I was doing the washing up. Funnier still, I had no idea this song actually had a music video, until about two minutes ago, so in my mind I feel as though this song as today’s Soundtrack was meant to be. When I was singing this song earlier this week, I had been giving myself one of those “cheer up, life isn’t as shit as you think-life will not always be this shit” pep talks that you give yourself whenever you have those moments when you’re feeling a bit… what’s the word – shit. By the time I was done with the first line and realised what I was actually singing, I’d cheered up by 1000%. I know I’ve obsessed written about this song a few times before, but this is one of those songs that makes you feel good and inspired and like you are not alone carrying the world on your shoulders. The lyrics are beautiful, uplifting and encouraging, and they help to put your troubles into perspective.

If you’re having one of those shit days, always remember: the hard times put the shine into the diamond. Happy Sunday.




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