Aquazurra + Poppy Delevingne.

When I heard about this collection I got a little excited. For one, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Poppy Delevingne’s style; and for two, I (just recently realised this) LOVE LOVE LOVE Aquazurra.

After seeing how beautiful Aquazurra and Olivia Palermo’s collaboration was, I had high hopes for this new collab between Aquazurra and Poppy.

Aquazurra + Poppy Delevinge

I absolutely love heeled boots, even though I don’t think I have the body to pull them off so much (I blame my short legs), but these were too perfect for me not to share. These Moonshine suede boots are the perfect shade of brown for this winter season, and would also look perfect all year round – can you tell I think these boots are perfect?

Maybe one day I’ll have the courage to rock these, but in the meantime I guess I’ll to have make do with just looking.




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