I’ve been sitting on these pictures for over a month, still in awe and disbelief that this actually happened, whilst wondering how to put the experience into words. In short, it was legit the single greatest experience of my whole entire life. The whole experience was magical, surreal, mesmerising, ineffable and just out of this world. I’ve been listening to IAMX for years and years and years (I think I first heard them when I was in year nine or eight – so just under a decade) and I’ve been blogging about them since the beginning of this blog; so to actually get the opportunity to see them live was definitely INSANE. It was absolutely mad, being in the same venue as Chris Corner and the rest of IAMX, singing along to songs I had only imagined hearing live. The atmosphere was just gjaghbfjfb. Oh my god I don’t even know. It was so moving and incredible, and sometimes when I looked through the pictures and watch the videos again, I still can’t believe I was there and that these are now memories for me. I feel so lucky and happy that I have such a great experience to look back on. Anyway, I think I’ll stop rambling now and share some of the pictures (though they in no way do how I felt or what I experience justice).








I don’t know when IAMX will next be in London, but to me, they’re worth travelling to another country for.




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