Five Favourites Thursday: 2015.

As the last day of the month AND year falls on a Thursday (woooo what kind of karmic goodness is that), today I’m sharing my five favourite things of the year. 2015 has been challenging, to say the least, and as you’ll probably be reading on countless other blogs/twitter/Facebook/every form of social media, I’ve grown so much (try not to roll your eyes) and I’ve discovered that extra little bit more about myself.


I wrote about (well I tried to write) getting the chance to see IAMX live when they were in London. Perhaps because it was quite recent, this experience is one I am still reliving today. It was so amazing, surpassing my expectations and imagination. For more, you can read about it here.



Starting my beauty and hair blog had to make it in my list of five favourite things that happened this past year. With this new blog, I’ve become more interested in and passionate about my hair and about different beauty products. I’ve spent hours researching different hair care remedies and treatments, learning about application techniques, and pushing myself to discover another side of me. Through this blog, I also feel as though I have found my calling in life, and that is to provide information and a place of belonging to young Black girls in particular, who find that they don’t quite look like their classmates or who most beauty products are marketed towards. Through this blog, I have also come to celebrate my own difference and the joys of trying new things, whether it be a banana hair mask that makes me gag, or some false lashes. You can check out my blog here.


At the time, I thought this was one of the worst things ever, but looking back I see that going to Nigeria when I did (right in the midst of writing my MA dissertation) was probably one of the best things. For so long, I had been really tense from studying, researching and writing, and working eight hour days that I was in need of relaxation. This time away was great for clearing my head, as well as making me appreciate my heritage and for seeing more of the world. It was also amazing being able to see family that I hadn’t seen in a few years, as well as bringing me closer to my immediate family and being able to understand them better. This short two week trip also infected me with the desire to travel more and to enjoy my life.

Five Favourites Thursday: Nigeria


Omg. If anything, I’d say 2015 was the year of friendship. I reconnected with my childhood besties, and strengthened my current friendships. This year just highlighted the importance of friendship and showed me that even when I struggle to see it, I am surrounded by so much love and by so many great friends – or as I like to think of them, sisters.


Obviously this list wouldn’t be complete without something a little superficial. You guys know how much I love my TV and music, and as always, another year has gone by where I have been OBSESSED with both. I look forward to seeing what will happen in 2016 to my favourites, especially to How To Get Away With Murder and Chicago Fire. And speaking of favourites, I still need to see what happened to Mary Jane after she crashed her car; and I still need to pick up the courage to continue watching Grey’s which I haven’t watched since Shonda decided to kill Derek.

I can’t wait for the all madness, tears, laughter, trials and tribulations that 2016 has in store for me. Thank you for sticking with this blog for another year, and in the New Year I will keep bombarding sharing as much stuff with you as I can.




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