All We Do.

I’m not 100% sure why I chose this song to be today’s Soundtrack. It’s eerie, gives me the shivers, and makes me feel slightly uncomfortable – although that could all be down to where I first heard the song. This song played at the end of Thursday’s Elementary, which I was already having trouble understanding. I wouldn’t even know where to begin explaining. In short, this girl “Casey” pretended to be Mina Davenport, a girl who had been abducted ten years ago, and killed an FBI agent who was looking into old case files and was close to figuring out she was a fraud. I didn’t do a good job of explaining, but I guess that’s all the more reason for you to watch it. Anyway, this song played at the end of the episode when Sherlock was talking to Casey and it really creeped me out ergo how this song weirdly became today’s Soundtrack.

Aside from the creepiness I feel every time this song plays, I’ve had it on repeat for a few hours and I love it. This song is definitely worth a listen (or several) so make sure you check it out!




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