Love That Hurt Too Much Wasn’t Love.

OMG this week has been a big one for music. Over the last seven days I’ve listened to all kinds of music (from country, to pop, old school Korean tunes, soul, rhythm and blues, the list goes on), and drafted many Sunday Soundtrack posts in my head, imaging how I’d try to articulate my love for each song. Even as I write about this song I’m not sure I made the right decision. I first heard this song on Monday and boy oh boy was it an experience. I spent the duration of the song stunned in an unmoving silence, getting constant shivers up and down my back, while I felt the sheer heartbreak and overpowering emotions. This song is so moving, and Kim Kwanseok’s voice so melancholic, that the obvious language barrier isn’t enough to stop the message and feeling of the song. It then also makes reading the translated lyrics all the more deep and touching. This song has been covered so many times in Korean music that it’s really such a testament to its timelessness and overreaching power, and shows that I’m not the only person who has been so affected by the song.

Happy Sunday! And I hope you don’t cry too much after listening to this heartbreaker of a tune.




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