H.O.L.Y. (High On Loving You).

Today’s Soundtrack was very difficult to choose. Last Sunday I had a vague idea of the song I wanted to share, but then as the week continued I kept hearing more and more songs that I desperately wanted as this week’s Sunday Soundtrack. Anyway, today’s song comes courtesy of my favourite Florida-Georgia duo, Florida Georgia Line – whose next album also happens to drop next month!!!!!!!!!!! (Can you tell I’m excited?). while I love all their music, my favourite songs of theirs have got to be their slow, ballady type ones that make me feel all warm, gooey and romantic inside. These boys really know how to make a woman feel loved and special, what with their deep southern voices and meaningful lyrics. I really could listen to them sing all day long (which I have done on many occasions). This song is definitely worth a listen and it’ll be tiding me over until August 26 when their new album, Dig Your Roots comes out.

I can’t wait to share more great music last week! Happy Sunday.




One thought on “H.O.L.Y. (High On Loving You).

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