The One-Piece: Bringing Sexy Back.

Who remembers when one piece’s were synonymous with being dowdy, ugly and being something you’d only wear as a last resort? Well, in recent years, the one piece swimsuit has had the ultimate makeover and become just as sexy, stylish and chic as the bikini. As one piece’s tend to cover everything up, they make the wearer feel stifled and unable to show off their unique style. That’s why I prefer the ones that offer something extra, like a cut-out or a plunging neck/back line because it allows the wearer to still be covered, but cool and individual too. Now that summer is in full swing and a swimsuit seems mandatory for days spent lounging outside or by the pool, I thought I’d share some one piece’s I found on Adore Me that are not your run of the mill boring one piece. Here are a few of my favourite one piece styles.







Make sure you check out Adore Me for more!




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