Pop & Suki.

Please do not ask me how I discovered this brand or why it took me so long to discover this brand because I do not know. The brainchild of two friends, Poppy and Suki, Pop and Suki is a new (not really but kind of) brand offering cool and chic bags and accessories that will make you feel just as cool and chic – or at least they definitely should because these pieces are UH-MAZ-ING.

Image result for pop and suki camera bag

Case in point their camera bag which I am totally OBSESSED with. Not only is it the perfect size for hanging out with friends or going on a date (it’s small enough to not be bulky, but still big enough to fit an iPhone 6 Plus and a passport – perfect for those last minute getaways 😉 ) but it can be worn in a multitude of different ways i.e.: a bum bag, a backpack, a cross body, a clutch, a mini bag or a side bag – the possibilities really are endless with this. AND not to mention you can also get your name printed on the bottom!!! The thing I love most about the camera bag is that you can really personalise it however you want thanks to the choice of straps, colours, accessories and print you choose. Naturally I’m drawn to the pink aptly names Cotton Candy (even though I want one in every colour), that I can already picture myself wearing every day; and I’m also loving the wide strap and the short tassels.

Image result for pop and suki camera bag

Prices for these bags are kind of high (they start at £164.02) but are definitely worth the investment. I haven’t seen many reviews for this bag and the site only has a few pictures of its exterior, but I’m still extremely excited about this bag.

Image result for pop and suki camera bag

I love how cute and girly these bags are and really cannot wait until I can own one. And just like that another item has been added to my wish list. Watch this space…




images from elle.com, refinery29.com


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