Wednesday Wish List: The Bigger Camera Bag.

By the time I’d discovered Pop & Suki, they had already released their cute Camera Bag and its larger counterpart Bigger Camera Bag. When I decided I couldn’t go any longer without owning one of these adorable bags, I thought for almost a week about which one to get, going back and forth many times before deciding on the regular Camera Bag. As I hadn’t really come across many reviews for the bag (I think I only found two), I was a bit sceptical about the bag, especially as I’m incredibly pernickety when it comes to my bags – case in point why I haven’t used any bag aside from the Longchamp Le Pliage in about five or so years – and didn’t want to throw down so much money on something if I wasn’t going to like it. Well anyway, as it happens, I ordered the smaller bag, it came, I fell in love and now I know it’s time for me to get it’s bigger sister so that I’m no longer trying to squeeze my whole life into it (even though it can fit quite a lot).

just look at how much stuff it can hold :O

As I haven’t seen many reviews for the bags, when my Bigger Camera Bag arrives, I’ll try and do an in-depth review in case you’re interesting in getting one for yourself.




image from popandsuki

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