Malta Pt II.

Being in Malta was akin to being in a dream land. From the blues of the sea, to the blues of the skies, it was so magical, and felt like the ultimate travel destination. Of all the days, Friday was by far the most fun and adventurous. Not only did we stray from our favourite local beach, but we ended up travelling twenty minutes by bus to the famous Golden Bay beach, and stayed for the whole day. The sandy beach more than lived up to its great name, and even though you can’t really tell from these pictures, it was very warm and the sun shone all day long.

we may or may not have came in matching bikinis…

The waves were absolutely insane and we got totally thrashed more than a few times he he 😀

If Friday was the funnest day, then Saturday was by far the most beautiful. Setting out much later than usual, we were able to experience one of the most incredible sunsets I’d ever seen (it would definitely tie with Rome’s magical offering!). And what seemed to make it even more incredible was the fact that it appeared to be happening in such slow motion, you really couldn’t help but drink every last second of it in.

by now it’s pretty obvious that the balcony was my favourite spot in the apartment

melanin magic: bronzed to perfection

Sunday was a really chill day spent on the beach (again), only this day was a little bit different as the temperature was considerably a lot cooler than the other days, and the wind was out in full force.

Because of the crazy winds, the waves were insane, crashing against the shore and making the beach look like a scene from the The Tempest. While we admired the mad frenzy of the sea, unbeknownst to us as the time, the crazy winds and insane waves would strongly impact the rest of our trip.

Come back tomorrow for the last Malta instalment!




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