Malta Pt III.

And finally we’re at the last part of my Malta holiday. In yesterday’s post I mentioned how the crazy winds and waves would impact the rest of the trip, and impact they did. On Monday, our last full day on the island, we had decided to travel to the nearby island of Comino to spend the day relaxing and exploring the island that is a major attraction and draws thousands of visitors each year. However, the weather had other ideas and unfortunately our cruise was cancelled and we were forced to stay put. Not feeling totally discouraged though, we opted to return back to our spot on the beach and spend the day memserised by the waves whilst trying not to feel too upset that 1) we wouldn’t be able to discover Comino or its famous Blue Lagoon and 2) that our dream holiday was coming to an end.

the most disappointing thing about not being able to visit Comino was that i had saved my favourite and unworn bikini for this day 😦

We had always planned to do something nice for our last night, so after a quick google search we decided on Chinese and found a great restaurant that was just around the corner from our apartment!

i am OBSESSED with my pop & suki camera bag (which i wore as a clutch)

contrary to the reviews, the food was really good!

After dinner we returned to our apartment for drinks on the balcony while we listened to music and reminicsed on the amazing holiday.

On Tuesday, our very last day, I managed to get up early enough to enjoy one last sunrise, and yes it was absolutely beautiful.

We dropped our bags off then discovered another coastline of the island quite close to where we were staying, before grabbing a tasty snack and settling down for one final sunbathing session on the beach.

beach walks

Just before we had to leave for the airport, we had our very last meal on the lovely island. I didn’t say in every post, but pretty much every meal I had, had some kind of rabbit in it. I mean, what can I say? When in Rome…

rabbit ravioli

walking on the tarmac about to board…

thank you for such a beautiful holiday Malta. see you again soon!

It’s really hard not to sound so repetitive, but Malta was absolutely incredible. If you haven’t already, this is a must-see island with lots to do (even if you’re like me and that just means lying on the beach all day every day and eating your weight in food). A great country to visit, you really won’t be disappointed. Tomorrow is the last day of the year and I’m winding down my sharing some of my domestic trips including those to Birmingham, the New Forest, Richmond Park and more, so make sure you check back!




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