Ugly sneakers seem to be taking over the fashion world recently, but is it really any surprise when they look strangely cute and their thick soles make them appear both futuristic and old school all at the same time? Though this new trend may be hot, I like to pride myself on always being a major fan of sneakers in general (hello my unhealthy obsession love of Superga and platform sneakers), so I like to think I’m not exactly jumping aboard the bandwagon. But anyway. I came across these super cool sneakers a few weeks ago and immediately fell in love. Chunky, beautiful, and the stuff sneaker dreams are made of, what’s not to love?

Eclypse White Sneakers - STELLA MCCARTNEY

But like most things I absolutely adore, if only it weren’t for the £450 price tag. That said, does anybody mind treating me to these? 😉




Alvechurch Biker Jacket.

Would you believe I’ve had my eyes on this jacket since August?! It’s times like these that I honestly believe in love at first sight because the moment I saw the jacket, I was infatuated and needed it immediately. I very neeeeearly bought it last month but decided £189 was a bit much to spend on the perfect wool biker jacket (what the hell was I thinking??), and even though I regretted not buying it, it wasn’t until I saw an image of a random girl wearing the jacket that I realised to error of my very foolish ways. Though black would seem like the likely choice to get the jacket in, alas it’s the grey version that has irrevocably stolen my heart.


The Christmas sales really couldn’t come soon enough. Fingers crossed this will be in the sale!! – So fashion gods if you can hear me…



Pop & Suki: Carryall.

Though I’m still without the Bigger Camera Bag (for the time being), that hasn’t stopped my Pop & Suki wish list from growing. Earlier this week they made an announcement about a new product (aside from their updated Camera Bag which now comes available in even more colours and fabrics – swoon) that had me weak in the knees: the Carryall. Described as a mix between “the back to school tote meets bucket bag” that would also make for the perfect plane hand luggage (sorry Longchamp), this baby is pretty hard to resist. When I first saw the image, it did look a smidgen too small – and while you guys know I love my small bags, they have to be mini-small for me to really love them otherwise it’s just not happening – but then I remembered just how stuff I was able to fit into my Camera Bag and decided to give it the benefit of the doubt.

And just like the rest of their products, you can get this customised with your name in either gold or silver… how luxe!




Gentle Monster.

There’s a new brand to net-a-ports that’s grabbed my attention, and it goes by the name of Gentle Monster. Based in South Korea, they describe themselves as: ‘a designer brand that constantly develops itself under the philosophy of “innovational high-end experiments”’. While little else is known about the brand, one thing is of sure and that’s that these pieces are EVERYTHING. I knew I was onto something great when I kept clicking on sunglasses without looking at the brand name, only to discover they I was consistently picking the same brand every time. Check out some of my favourite shades below.


I am absolutely OBSESSED and you can expect to see these stunners on here in the future!




No, not the city, but the sock boot from 3.1 Phillip Lim. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know what sock boots have been all the rage of late (i.e. at least for the last eighteen months); but despite their popularity it’s taken me a little while to get behind the style. In fact, when I first saw the shoe I absolutely hated it. it wasn’t until my sister got a pair that my thoughts started to thaw and bit by bit I started to see their charm. However, it wasn’t until last week (I think) that I came to the realisation that they weren’t all bad – I personally blame Sunmi who rocked the shoe during her recent promotions for her latest single, Gashina – and stopped hating them. Then, on Sunday I made an announcement to my sister that I wanted to get a pair myself, and as if by some kind of magic, about ten minutes later, I stumbled upon these beauties. Now obviously at £525 I’m not planning on buying them anytime soon, but I wanted to share my fashion epiphany and style inspiration.


So what do we think? Yay or nay?




p.s If I ever do go to Kyoto, you can sure that I will let you know!

Sweater Season.

The weather may be looking good these days (how great was the weather over the weekend?) but that should distract us from the fact that tomorrow marks the last day of August and that soon the weather will return to its chilly state. To prep for the oncoming cold, I’ve been focusing my shopping efforts on lots of chic and cosy sweaters to wear once summer is done and gone. This season you can expect to find me in skirts, woolly tights and my trusty Supergas!

















Just looking at all these beautiful sweaters I can’t wait for autumn to come!



Wednesday Wish List: The Bigger Camera Bag.

By the time I’d discovered Pop & Suki, they had already released their cute Camera Bag and its larger counterpart Bigger Camera Bag. When I decided I couldn’t go any longer without owning one of these adorable bags, I thought for almost a week about which one to get, going back and forth many times before deciding on the regular Camera Bag. As I hadn’t really come across many reviews for the bag (I think I only found two), I was a bit sceptical about the bag, especially as I’m incredibly pernickety when it comes to my bags – case in point why I haven’t used any bag aside from the Longchamp Le Pliage in about five or so years – and didn’t want to throw down so much money on something if I wasn’t going to like it. Well anyway, as it happens, I ordered the smaller bag, it came, I fell in love and now I know it’s time for me to get it’s bigger sister so that I’m no longer trying to squeeze my whole life into it (even though it can fit quite a lot).

just look at how much stuff it can hold :O

As I haven’t seen many reviews for the bags, when my Bigger Camera Bag arrives, I’ll try and do an in-depth review in case you’re interesting in getting one for yourself.




image from popandsuki