Parallel Prices: The Denim Dress.

Last week I raved about this Current/Elliott denim dress, but unfortunately as much as I loved it, I was not loving the £265 price tag (if were in a grown-up-nine-to-five it would probably be a different story but alas…). So anyway, as I was coming up with a mini price plan in my head of how long it would take to save up for it, I happened upon a tweet from Jack Wills advertising a similar dress. I raced to their website and sure enough I found the similar dress (it looks kind of different but it’s similar enough for me hahaha) that was a fraction of the price at £69.50!


Jack Wills may not be marketing their dress as the perfect denim dress, but it comes pretty close. It’s nice and short (just how I like it), the sleeves can be rolled up and fastened, and the dress comes in three other colours if chambray isn’t quite your thing. Lord knows my obsession with how much I love Jack Wills and I can’t wait to get my hands on it!


This is perfect just in time for summer. Check it out!




The New It Bag.

I think it’s fair to say that I’ve been seeing a lot of Phillip Lim’s latest creation, in the form of 3.1 Phillip Lim’s The Pashli leather trapeze tote, floating around the blogosphere as of late. At first I was not a fan and just took it as the latest THING for people to jump on, but as I became accustomed to seeing it everywhere I slowly began to fall in love. I love the shape, the colours, the grainy leather – even the detailing that once had me reeling, has me needing this tote in my life.

3.1 Phillip Lim     3.1 Phillip Lim 

Today while I was in Topshop looking for a black cami that I should have bought weeks ago, a VERY similar bag caught my eye, and while I don’t think I’d ever buy the Topshop version, I couldn’t help but think of all the aspiring fashionista’s who would be able to get their hands on an affordable copy. Up close the bag looks like Pashli’s long lost forgotten younger sister, and for only £45, you really can’t go wrong! But what really sealed the deal for me, was realising that it’d make the perfect first Parallel Price of the year!


Let me know what you think. I’m now starting to think that Topshop’s version would make a pretty good buy and what do you know? I am on the lookout for a new bag…



What’s New Wednesday: Parallel Prices.

In yesterday’s ‘What’s New Wednesday’, I posted an outfit that consisted of: The Row’s Carlton brushed-twill shirt in sky blue, a pair of light papaya coloured Mother low-rise jeans (that I just so happen to be OBSESSED with), a pair of Christian Louboutin stiletto pumps, a Christian Louboutin clutch with pink satin detail, and a Marc by Marc Jacobs glass and resin embellished flower necklace to finish off the look.

The Row     Mother     Christian Louboutin     Christian Louboutin     Marc by Marc Jacobs 

A little while after I posted the look, I spotted some identical separate pieces, that also just so happened to be WAY cheaper, and I knew that I HAD to share with you guys.

Image 1 of ASOS Men's Style Shirt    Image 1 of ASOS Skinny Jeans in Washed Rose #4    Image 1 of ALDO Romelia Suede Court Shoes    Image 1 of ASOS Leather Panelled Clutch    Image 1 of ASOS Spike and Stone Collar Necklace

While net-a-porter’s outfit will set you back £2000 (including the £5 delivery charge), the parallel price is only £198 (AND there is no delivery charge when all bought together)! Can you believe the difference?! It definitely shows that you can find designer, more high-end pieces and use them as inspiration to work more low-priced pieces, and still achieve a put-together and expensive-looking look.

Let me know what you guys think.



Perfect Night Out: Parallel Prices.

It’s been more than a long time since I did a ‘Parallel Prices’, but you know the saying: “there’s no time like the present” so I figured that now seemed a good a time as any to share some of my parallel priced finds. My finds also just so happen to make for the perfect night out for the autumn and the summer.


I’m just as picky with shoes as I am with bags. I’m not a big fan of any type of sandal, open/peep-toe, buckles (eww just saying the word makes me vomit a little in my mouth), so I was quite surprised to find myself not only liking these Prada babies, but actually, I daresay, coveting (eek) them! What I love most is the platform and sky high heel, something that is also very much appreciated when you’re only a mere five foot three (ish). These are sandals that can definitely dress an outfit up or down and works perfectly for both day and night.




Recently, I’ve seen a lot of these sandals lighting up the blogosphere like nobody’s business, and this sandal has graced many a fashionista’s foot – from the likes of fashionvibe and Style Scrapbook (to name but a few). Similarly these platform sandals encapsulate what I dislike most about footwear, but they manage to win me over with their identical 14.5cm heel and thick platform (thanks guys :)), however, what sets them apart from their Prada counterpart is the extortionate £39.99 price tag. I mean, COME ON! That’s crazy!



I’ve seen this dress hanging around on my floor at work and I have to say it looks even better in real life. The racer back gives the LBD a sporty and slightly edgy look, while the pleats and A-line shape help keep it girly and cute. While £265 might be reduction from Wang’s main line, it’s not something that’s within many price ranges. That being said, it’s still a cool piece that would make for an awesome investment that will flatter all. I would wear with the above sandals or maybe a block coloured pump for night, and mix it up with a lazy tee for day time with flats.

T by Alexander Wang 



While this dress may not look a lot like the one done by T by Alexander Wang, it does share a similar silhouette that cinches perfectly at the waist and looks très chic and sophisticated on. I also happen to own this little beauty (I bought it last week after brunch with family) so I like to think I know a thing or two about this incredible number. I bought it with the intension of wearing it work, but I haven’t yet gotten round to wearing it yet (and to be honest I’m not too sure I will), but I know that it’ll look great on a night out – and at only £20, what could possibly be any better?



You’re probably quite used to seeing these pumps on here by now, especially considering how I like to style most of my net-a-porter outfits with them. I used to not like the platform design because I felt it was too similar to what Nicholas Kirkwood’s been doing for years, but now I can’t get enough of it. The gold tone of the platform really complements the suede pink, and goes nicely with the red piping detail. But I think that what really finishes the shoe off is the trademark gold web plaque at the sole and the six inch heel. These are definitely perfect for day and night and I would wear with the above Topshop dress and a clutch.

Charlotte Olympia 



If you thought the Topshop dress looked nothing like the Wang, then you are in for an even bigger surprise because these pumps couldn’t look any more different from the Charlotte Olympia pumps I just showed above. ‘So why feature these in the first place?’ you ask, well I’ll let you in on a little secret. Every time I’m doing one of my net-a-porter outfits and I want to style a particular look with shoes, I always think about how I would personally wear it, and when I decide on pink shoes, I always think back to these. I bought these a few months ago and they are the perfect foot accessory. For starters they are so cheap (I bought them for £40, but they’ve been reduced to £20!), the inside is nicely padded so the balls of your feet don’t get too sore, and the almond toe is a young and fresh alternative to the pointed toe. The only little thing I might add is that the shoes are a lot lighter in the flesh.

Image 1 of ASOS PIPPA Platform Court Shoes



This is also another piece that you’re probably all used to seeing by now. Similar to the shoes, the same thing applies to the clutches that I feature in my styling suggestion. Although it may not look very similar to the clutch that I own, this Sally clutch reminds me of my own one and is the closest thing that net-a-porter has to my H&M version. The contrast suede and leather work very well together and the whole design is truly completely by the Swarovski embellishment that add that extra bit of WOW.




I didn’t realise just how much of these parallel pieces I actually own until now, but there you go. I bought this clutch in early July because I was looking for something to finish off my outfit for a friend’s birthday, and the moment I saw this in the shop, I knew it was destiny! The size was perfect, the faux suede and patent leather combo was perfect, and most importantly the price was perfect. Unfortunately though, the strap was not quite so perfect so I chopped it off and waved it bye-bye when I threw it in the bin. I’m not a fan of the zip inside, but I’m sure that in time I’ll grow to appreciate it, but aside from that I really couldn’t ask for a better clutch.


The Outfit:


Let me know what you guys think and if you’re thinking of making of these purchases. While I may mostly blog about high-end luxury goods, I’m not quite there yet in life, so I do love when I find such similar pieces, and I love sharing them with you even more. I’ll be keeping my keen eye on the lookout for some more Parallel Prices, but be sure to check back soon to see my favourites from net-a-porter’s ‘what’s new’. Happy Wednesday!



Summer Whites: Parallel Prices.

Recently I’ve been obsessing over some seriously awesome designer duds (just refer back to my endless mentions about the Valentino D-framed sunglasses that I can’t get enough of) and my bank balance has definitely been feeling the pinch. Seeing that I haven’t done one of these posts in a long time I thought it’d be nice to give my card a little rest and look for similar designs but for alternative prices.


Lately I have been going crazy about J. Crew. They have the preppy, laid back, chic look down to a T and make simple dressing all the more easier; and this white hologram bouclé-tweed jacket is no exception. The short sleeves make it ideal for those warm summer days when you want to wear a jacket but not boil. I’d wear with J. Crew leather Cece flats, skinny jeans and a loose tee for effortless summer chic.


Styling Suggestion:

J Brand Denim     Chinti and Parker     J.Crew 

Parallel Prices:


ASOS PETITE have a similar version, that although is not white, has the same appeal with its cutesy and girly pink piping. The sleeves are a little shorter than the Hologram, but what the hey? Even more reasons to buy if it means you’ll be looking cute all summer. I imagine it’d be a bit thinner than the Hologram as well, but I think that’s a major bonus. This one also has the option of coming in a suit, so go matching this summer and team with a bright top.

ASOS PETIITE Exclusive Premium Suit Jacket With Neon Detail



There are no words to describe how cool and fun these tees are with their sequinned initials on the front. I love how simple yet blindingly obvious these designs are and wonder why I haven’t seen these anywhere else. Choose the letter you want to wear and team with a mini skirt or skinny jeans for an equally simple, cool and fun look.

Markus Lupfer 

Styling Suggestion:

Aubin & Wills 

Parallel Prices:

Or, if you’d rather not spend £45 on an initialled tee why not get a little creative and make your own. Simply buy a plain white tee and patches (John Lewis have a healthy selection both online and in store) and sew your own unique patch. Markus Lupfer also sells his patches separately for £15 if you still want a bit of sparkle.

Markus Lupfer     Image 1 of ASOS Boyfriend T-Shirt    



I just LOVE LOVE LOVE Isabel Marant and the way she does Parisian chic! This cropped lace top is both easy and wearable, keeping your outfit fun and effortless. Team it with a vest and shorts and you’ll be ready for summer, the Parisian way.

Isabel Marant 

Styling Suggestion:

J.Crew     Étoile Isabel Marant 

Parallel Prices:


When I found this top I knew it was the epitome of Parallel Prices. The design is so similar to the Marant that you’d have to look pretty damn closely to spot any major differences. Sure the overall design is a little boxy and roomy and the lace design doesn’t have an Aztec appeal to it, it works as a pretty close double. At £30 it’s definitely a massive saving from the £645 Loz cropped top.

Image 1 of Vila Lace Oversized Top


With summer coming up, you don’t want to blow the bank just yet, but you want to start preparing for those hot months. Why not do both and shop my Parallel Prices? Let me know what you think and happy Bank Holiday Monday!




The Next Print Thing: Parallel Prices.

Print is in and bigger than ever before. With the likes of Australian designer Dion Lee hitting the fashion scene in 2008 with his psychedelic and kaleidoscopic prints on silk; the big animal print revolution that hit 2011 (, and new designer Mary Katrantzou’s explosive prints and her new collection at Topshop, it’s fair to say that print isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. Following my weekly read of’s magazine, it was official.


Brother and sister duo, Camilla and Marc, have recently been added to my list of favourite designers (sorry for not sharing sooner) because of their fun and youthful dresses. This printed mini dress is perfect for lunch out with friends or a quiet dinner. The waist is cinched and topped off with a flirty and girly A-line skater skirt, allowing for simplicity. The black background colour adds effortless chic and means that all you need to add is a pair of black (or a solid colour) pumps and an envelope clutch and you’ll be good to go.

Camilla and Marc 

Parallel prices:


ASOS Collection has a similar design at a fraction of the price. A little bit longer than Camilla and Marc, ASOS Collection still allows for your print to blossom in style with a skater skirt and cinched waist. Similarly, pair with a solid colour pump to dress it up, or keep things simple with a plain flat.

Image 1 of ASOS Tulip Dress In Vintage Print


This kimono style dress is a little different to the ASOS Collection and Camilla and Marc, but it still screams fun with the bright colours and low-cut neckline. Probably slightly more suited for the day time, wear with a pair of plain shoes and at only £22, you won’t have to splurge.

Image 1 of Vero Moda Kapow Kimono Dress


Knit is sexy, warm and totally unexpected – the same goes for the colour red. So put the two and two together and what do you get? Catherine Malandrino’s red pointelle knit dress. The various stitches create a sexy and warm dress that once paired with some six-inchers will turn heads. The capped sleeves and modest neckline add a touch of feminine sophistication and make this the ideal dress for any girl’s wardrobe. Also available in black if you don’t feel being the lady in red 😉

Catherine Malandrino      Catherine Malandrino 

Parallel prices:


ASOS’ take on the dress is also impressive. Made with lace and a darker shade of red, the similarities are almost uncanny. This dress features long sleeves and a neckline that skims the top of the bust, but makes up the sexy with its body-con design. Similarly, this dress also comes in black and at £50, it’s practically a steal.

Image 1 of ASOS Knitted Bodycon Dress With Stitched Lace Detail    Image 1 of ASOS Knitted Bodycon Dress With Stitched Lace Detail

Think print this season, and let me know what you think.



Same Style, Parallel Prices.

Who doesn’t wish they had a stash of cash stockpiled somewhere in a bank account? Who doesn’t crave the latest designer duds? Who doesn’t spend hours on (or others like it) making endless wish lists? I know that more times than not, I find myself shouting “me” in answer to all of these questions. In steps PARALLEL PRICES. Lack of dinero may be a major issue, but that shouldn’t stop one from always looking the part. Why spend way more than necessary on designer pieces when there are similar designs out there?


YVES SAINT LAURENT. Palais suede peep toe pumps. It’s all about the crazy curved heel when it comes to the Palais pump; while the peep toe keeps things sexy. These are the perfect shoe to dress an outfit up or down and can take a simple pair of jeans and tee to new heights. With a price tag of £500 these are definitely something to save up for, unless you are blessed with a healthy bank balance.

Yves Saint Laurent 


KURT GEIGER. Miss KG Adorn. These may not come from the legendary design house Yves Saint Laurent, but these pumps from Kurt Geiger still pull their weight. The black suede and slightly curved heel is almost identical to the Palais pump, and your friends will still be fawning all over them. And at a slashed price of £35 in the sale, you really couldn’t ask for a better bargain!

Miss KG Adorn Women Brands Miss KG Shoes Courts Platforms High Heel Sale 



JIMMY CHOO. Cosmic suede pumps. Every woman has (if not needs) a pair of simple black pumps that can take her from day to night effortlessly. Something that looks sleek, sexy and pulls every look together. With Jimmy Choo you can’t go wrong, especially with these pumps from the Jimmy Choo 24:7 capsule collection. Perfect for a night out with the girls or a date, pair with dark jeans or an LBD and you’re good to go.

Jimmy Choo 


TOPSHOP. Stare2 platform pointed courts. These Topshop courts look as though they could have been separated at birth from the Cosmic pumps, with similar suede finishes and a matching five inch heel. The only difference is the price tag. Priced at a stunning £50 there is no excuse to not have them. They may not be Choo’s but let me assure you, they’re the next best thing!



Let me know what you think of these reduced finds and I’ll be on the lookout for some more parallel prices.