100 Posts Old.

Hiya everyone! This is aliceandpercy’s 100th post (as you can probably tell from the title), and I just wanted to say a really MASSIVE thank you to all my followers for following me, as well as those of you who have read, commented and liked my posts – it means the world to me.

I hope to still be keeping you entertained with new recipes, fashion finds, music and just little tid bits from my life.








Hi :)

Okay, so this is my first post and strangely I am feeling very nervous, kind of like it’s my first day at school.

I have never had a blog before and was encourage by my older sister, who coincidentally has a blog, to start one as she thought I had some good ideas and stuff to say. After several months of dropping (MAY-JOR) hints and me thinking about it constantly, I decided that it was time I shared my views and thoughts with the rest of the world. Hopefully my later posts will not be as lame as this one, but you know what they say: “We’ve all got to start somewhere”.

So anyway, let this crazy adventure begin…