Alphabet 14-karat Gold Earring.

I first added these ultra-cute studs to my wish list back in March, but it wasn’t until last week when I was browsing for a pair of earrings that I stumbled across them (and fell in love with them again). There’s something about personalised things (even if it is just one letter) that I really REALLY love, so whenever I see anything with the potential to be personalised, I fall head over heels in love! Case in point these gold alphabet earrings from Catbird, that are beautiful, chic and simple (and we all know how I love my accessories chic and simple).


I wonder which letter (or two) I’ll get? Watch this space 😀





As a strong believer that less is more, it makes perfect sense that I’d be going crazy over my latest net-a-porter finding: Wwake. Based in New York, Wwake is a fine jewellery line focused on delicate, dainty, stackable pieces that look effortless and super chic. But don’t let the simplicity fool you, as its this same simplicity that makes the pieces truly stand out, and is why my wish list is now currently packed with beautiful gems I’ll be saving up for.


Less truly is always more. For more, check them out here.



Sun Mini Mini.

I’ve been in love with Mansur Gavriel ever since they first launched on net-a-porter. And though it took me some time to admit it, I’ve been in love with mini bags for a while too. I love the unique shapes and lines that Mansur Gavriel products have, and I love how they branched out from their iconic bucket bags, to chic footwear that is just as stylish and classic. With the case of mini bags, I just love how miniature and small they are and how cute they look.


So imagine my delight when doing my weekly perusal, I came across Mansur Gavriel’s latest offering: the Sun Mini Mini. Sun Mini Mini has probably got to be the cutest mini bag range I’ve ever seen (sorry Fendi). Everything from the size, to the drawstring, right down to the trademark bow detail, I am in love.


What’s more, these cute bags come in a variety of colours… and guess what? Yes, I want them all…



Glitter and Jewels.

There have been a lot of beautiful shiny things on net-a-porter recently and I couldn’t just keep them to myself. Though I’d say my taste in jewellery has always remained pretty consistent, as I’ve gotten older I’ve seen that there’s a very specific type of jewellery that drives me while. Dainty, delicate small pieces that are so cute and feminine yet understated and not too flashy – especially when it comes to earrings.









But the thing I love the most about all these beautiful shiny things? They’re just so nice to look at, and it’s as simple as that.



I Got Them: Le Specs Air Heart.

All the way from Australia, my brand new Le Specs Air Heart sunglasses. Super chic, ultra-classic, and totally cool, I am in LOVE LOVE LOVE with these. I love how amazing they look on and I cannot wait for the summer when I can be rocking these all day every day!


a few weeks ago in my brand new shades

Stay tuned for the tortoiseshell blue reflective lens ones. I haven’t bought them yet, but after seeing how much I love their all-black counterparts, I’m sure I’ll love them too.



Five Favourites Thursday: Things I Didn’t Buy.

And so it’s the last Thursday of the month and I can’t help but look back on all the things I promised myself I would buy, only to realise that I didn’t even make it to check out.


While I may not have managed to get these this month, I’m still holding out hope that I’ll finally purchase these cool shades next month…



In all fairness, I’m not sure I was ever 100% certain these sunglasses were for me, but it was kind of like love at first sight (in the sense that the moment I saw them I wanted them, but then the moment I clicked on another item, I’d all but forgotten about them… sad times). I suppose they are pretty cool to look out though.



Don’t even get me started. To be honest I think I’m in denial about needing a new laptop. I know that I need one, but I’m not in the right place to say goodbye to my beloved Kevin (yes he has a name and he’s very dear to my heart) – I even feel bad typing this on him as we speak… Maybe once I get this fan fixed Kevin can stop overheating and burning my leg.


I’ve needed a new pair of Superga’s since I bought my last pair, and I’ve been meaning to buy another pair, but then life happened and I kept forgetting/ couldn’t be bothered to decide between a myriad of colour/texture/style options. Life is so tough is it not?

Mallorca: Essentials


Similar to my Superga situation, I’ve needed a new Le Pliage since I bought my last bag. And similar to my Superga situation, I was faced with the same challenges that pretty much put a stop to me fulfilling my purchasing obligations. Oh well, on the plus side I’m fairly certain that by the year’s end I’ll have another bag so I guess it’s not exactly the end of the world huh.

Maybe next month I’ll be happy to report that I actually bought everything on this list? Lol! Happy Thursday.



Illesteva Boca.



Okay, so sorry for the caps lock and exclamation mark craziness, BUT how awesome are those shades? As you know I recently lost my favourite Margeaux sunglasses, so I’ve been using an old pair of TOMS which I’ve had for years. While I’ve loved reconnecting with these old babies, I have been on the lookout for something a little newer. Net-a-porter has been teeming with glorious options, but it wasn’t just now that I found THE ONES.


I love how big they are, the subtle cat-eye, the half tortoiseshell-half-who-the-hell-knows-what’s-going-on frames, the cool city style – I just LOVE LOVE LOVE them!

Oooh what I wouldn’t do to get my hands on a pair of those…