Five Favourites Thursday: April 2015.

My oh my has April been a crazy month or what? I feel like I found my mojo and zest for life again, following a wobbly February. April has definitely been my best month so far this year, not that I’ve done anything particularly exciting, but it has been good.


April seems to have been the month of catching up with old friends. A couple of weeks ago I met up with two of my oldest friends and it was the best most physically exhausting (if you laughed as much as we did, you’d feel EXACTLY the same) night I’d had in a long time! Even though we hadn’t seen each other for a really long time, it felt as though no time had passed, and we were back to misbehaving like when we were in primary school. Then earlier this week I met up with Beth and Lauran and we had a fun day traipsing around the Natural History and Science Museums.

Five Favourites Thursday: April 2015

Five Favourites Thursday: April 2015


Don’t confuse this for me enjoying the latest episode because I really didn’t! Though the latest episode was good in terms of Derek narrating, I found the whole thing to be quite sloppy. But anyway enough about that, let’s talk about the epic Grey’s marathon I had a few weekends ago. It was AMAZING (!!!) and it reminded me why Grey’s Anatomy is my favourite show in the whole wide world (sorry Scandal). It was an emotional roller-coaster that had me screaming at my screen until the early hours of the morning, but it was so worth it. one last thing that I’ll add though; I’m not sure who these writers are trying to kid but Owen and Amelia are not fooling anybody – they are the least believable couple on the planet.


Last night I went to see the new Avengers movie with two of my oldest friends and it was so much fun! It’s definitely worth a watch, and I think I’ll be going to see it again soon.


As well as blogging, writing essays and working part time (because I’m not busy enough lol) I’m now writing for news site, The News Hub. I’ve only written two posts, but I’ll try to write one a week, so please make sure you check that out.


You wouldn’t believe that writing 3×4000 word essays would be remotely enjoyable, but believe you me, it really has. Obviously there are times when I’ve struggled and stalled, but overall the whole experience has been amazing and I have loved researching and discovering all sorts of things. Through writing my essays, I also feel like I’ve discovered new parts of me, as I find myself siding with some arguments and not others. I know that I won’t, but I think I’m going to miss writing essays when I’m finished with this masters come September.

If April is anything to go by, I know May will be just as fun! Happy Thursday!