Back To The Start.

OMG JUST LISTENING TO THIS SONG AGAIN GIVES ME CHILLS! Who else watched the HTGAWM season finale this week? Wasn’t it just everything and more you could ever possibly ask for? This song played towards the end of the episode when Annalise was breaking it down for the D.A. (spoiler alert) and it was the best thing ever – there’s really nothing I love more than when Annalise shows people who think they’ve got her backed into a corner, whose boss. The whole explanation of how season’s events gave me chills on chills on chills, and it was partly because of this song. It’s haunting, mysterious and a bit sinister while also being nonchalant and cool. Oh and don’t even get me started on the instrumentals. That violin/cello/ string instrumental in the beginning is simply KILLER and when the other instruments come in later – GOLD! Andrea Wasse’s voice on this track is AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL and I could listen to this song all day long… (And in fact I think I will).

This song is a MUST listen! It’s amazing. Happy Sunday.