2017 UK Travel Bits.

I may have spent more time than usual on a plane, but I also spent more time than usual outside of London, and discovering the beauties of Britain.


The year was full of many Saturday (and some Sunday) morning walks to, around and from Clapham Common. Known for its beautiful open green spaces, and home of numerous wildlife, I can see more walks here in the upcoming year.


The year started beautifully with this fun early morning trip to Ricmond Park to watch the sun rise. It was such a beautiful, breathtaking and freezing experience, and what made it all the more fun was spending it with two of my best friends that I’ve known since birth. The three of us also embarked on many fun trips in the year, all of which will you’ll be seeing later on in this post!


Quite possibly one of the funniest and funnest days I had this year, our trip to the Harry Potter Studios (with my two aforementioned friends) was definitely one for the books. To say it was fun experiencing the films we had grown up watching, loving and memorising all the lines, is a big understatement. Following the fun day I was filled with such an ambitious and excited spirit, that I swear I’d never felt such an energy inside me before. I had never felt more motivated to do great things and to achieve and fulfil every single one of my wildest dreams in my whole entire life.


I returned to my old stomping ground during the summer and for some reason it had a totally different feel from when I was last here. It was lovely reuniting with my best friend from my uni days and exploring some of our old haunts together, while having a good old gossip, natch!


At this rate I feel like I could easily move to Birmingham and not have much trouble there (I’m kidding, but you never know…). My sister and I visited the Botanical Gardens had a great time taking pictures, joking around and discovering a whole new side to Birmingham. As we’ve been there a few times together and enjoyed ourselves, I’m sure this trip won’t be our last one to the incredible city.


One of those trips where you wonder what planet you’re living on and what the hell runs through the mind of people, this was probably the only day trip I did not actively play a part in organising (or wanting to go on) but what can you do. Anyway, to make the most of the day, I explored around the cathedral a little bit and took in the clear sunny skies.


The fun and boiling August bank holiday weekend was spent hanging out in Richmond with some of my old work friends. We wandered around Richmond Park, ate some good food, enjoyed great conversation, all whilst managing to survive the hot weather.


I’ve been to the New Forest once in my life. I was eight or nine and in primary when I visited and fell in love the place for the first time. Lucky for me, my best friend from uni just so happens to live there, so I went down and visited her in late September. It was just as lovely and beautiful as it had been when I was younger (if not more so), but only issue was that it had taken me about six years to actually get down to visit her in the first place. Bad friend, I know.


Though the pictures would lead you to believe otherwise, this day was particularly warm and beautiful. The pictures would also lead you to believe that the day was a relaxing one, but oh no, that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact the day was something of a workout. From climbing over one hundred steep steps, to trying not to slip on the stone slabs, to laughing so much I thought my stomach would tear, I’m pretty sure I burned over a billion calories this day.

And there we have it: my travels of 2017. Here’s to even more adventure and journeying in 2018. Happy New Year’s Eve!




Rome Pt II.

The rest of the weekend was spent waking up so late after that long night of dancing and drinking, it felt like we’d missed most of the day, only to spend the rest of the afternoon/ evening walking around and seeing more of the beautiful city.

We ended the weekend overlooking the whole of city (and peeking through the legendary keyhole) then settling down for the sunset in the Orange Garden – the location where I’ve decided to get married. Kind of cliché I know, but it feels like it’d be such a waste if I didn’t.

After witnessing probably one of the most beautiful and moving sunsets of my life (do you see why I’m getting married here?) we headed back down to the city for our last meal and our last taste of Rome before our early morning flight.

Oh my god, words cannot describe the feelings this trip brought to my heart. I felt so inspired to travel more and see the world in all its beauty, as well as come to really understand the saying: Travelling is the only thing you spend money on that makes you rich. Truer words have never been spoken. Tomorrow, it’s off to my third and final holiday abroad: MALTA!! You won’t want to miss it!



Rome Pt I.

Thanks to yet another drunken night in the pub after work, the end of March took me to a new place – only this time to a city a little bit warmer. Compared to my weekend in Norway, my weekend in Rome felt like a non-stop adventure, starting from the moment we got off the plane. A quick trip to drop our bags off in the Airbnb, and we were soon back out on the streets exploring the city by night.

After a few hours of sleep, it was back to the streets of Rome which were a lot busier…

breakfast of champions

my favourite kind of snack 😉

Obviously no trip to Rome is complete without visiting the Vatican City, which is honestly as beautiful, mesmerising and awe-inspiring as all the pictures would lead you to believe.

i’m sure it goes without saying that these pictures don’t do the Vatican justice at all…

Once the sun had set, nightfall came pretty quickly and we were off in search of a great recommended restaurant.

the food here was absolutely amazing!

The night (or should I say early morning hehe) ended in an American bar downing shots of tequila and drinking G&Ts – as you do. Check back tomorrow for the rest of my weekend in Rome.



Norway Pt II.

Fallen in love with Norway yet? Just looking back at these pictures is making me wish I was back there.

doesn’t it look like I belong out in the Norwegian mountains?

After the craziness and adrenaline of the first two days, the last two days were considerably chill. Thanks to one of the cars refusing to start, we were 1) able to take in the atmosphere of the area and explore a little bit and 2) able to save a great experience for the very last day (which I will definitely never forget).

Our last day was just as beautiful, spectacular and amazing as the previous days had been.

waking up to the last morning in snowy paradise

hitting the road again

stopping off for warm drinks and snacks

so breathtaking

Before our flight home, we headed back to Oslo to get a good look at the city. Though it was cold, imaging what it was like in the summer, was enough to make me want to return again soon (just little did I know what the summer months would have in store for me…)

Norway will always have a place in my heart, and even though I kept saying this for the majority of the weekend, it still holds true for me now, over six months later. I can’t wait to return in the future, and now one of my biggest goals is to have a cabin out in the mountains where I can visit with my family. Tomorrow it’s off to Italy for a Roman holiday, so make sure you check back.



Norway Pt I.

The blog may have been quiet this year, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy. In 2017 I travelled more than I’ve done in a few years, visiting Norway, Rome and Malta, as well as enjoyed several day trips around the country – all of which I’ll be sharing with you from now until the New Year. Shall we get started?

first impressions in the airport bathroom

What first began as drunken conversations in a bar after work one January night, ended with spending the beginning of March in the snowy land of Norway for three days. Freezing, out of this world, and an absolute dream, I fell in love with Norway right away.

waking up on the first morning!

I don’t ski, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying the snowy slopes.

We ended the night getting warm (and very drunk) in the jacuzzi.

Literally such a dream! Make sure you check back tomorrow for more of my 2017 travel adventures.



Jack Wills Girl.

Wow it’s been such a long time since I’ve written a post like this. I wore this outfit a few weeks ago when I met up with some friends and tried Five Guys for the first time – and let me tell you now it was the greatest food experience of my whole entire life and I wish I had taken pictures so that I could have shared them on here and gushed about how great Five Guys is… but alas, I guess I’ll have to keep that for another time…

Jack Wills Loving

Sweater: Jack Wills; Jeans: Topshop; Bag: Longchamp; Jacket: Dorothy Perkins. [Not pictured – Sunglasses: TOMS; Sneakers: Superga]

Anyway back to the outfit. My brother bought me this sweater a while back and I’ve been loving wearing it both in and outside of the house. If you know me well enough you’ll know how obsessed much I LOVE LOVE LOVE all things Jack Wills and can’t step foot into a store without buying everything in sight. It’s really cute and comfy and goes just as well with my Nike shorts as it does with a pair of ripped jeans.

Jack Wills Loving    Jack Wills Loving

And once again I took this pictures on my way to meet my friend, to see what I looked like as I didn’t have enough time to check myself out in the mirror before I left the house.



Five Favourites Thursday: February and March 2016.

As I didn’t do one of these for February and not a lot has happened this month, I thought I’d do a joint February/March FFT. Not only is today the last Thursday of the month, but it’s also the last day of the month, which always makes these Thursday Favourite posts all the more poignant for me.


On Sunday my sister and I went to see Puddle of Mudd. Despite all the horror stories we heard about Wes’ recent stage antics, we were still more than excited to go and watch a band that was such a staple in our childhood.

Five Favourites Thursday: February and March 2016

Five Favourites Thursday: February and March 2016


February was a month full of hanging out with friends and enjoying fun excursions. It’s always great catching up with friends and having a laugh, especially when things aren’t always going right in some areas of life.

Five Favourites Thursday: February and March 2016

Five Favourites Thursday: February and March 2016

Five Favourites Thursday: February and March 2016


Is it bad that food was such a highlight of February and March? While it may seem like I’m clutching at straws in an attempt to fill out this list, food really was such a great part of these past two months. Following on from the previous highlight of friendship, I think what made food such a great part of food was who I was with while I was eating it.


My beauty blog has been growing steadily and a few weeks ago I surpassed 10 000 page views (none of which were mine!!!!) which was such a great feat and something I was really proud of myself for. I’m still working to creating new content and trying out all kinds of hair and beauty stuff, so make sure you check it out.

diamonds and pebbles title


TV has been especially good these past two months. Suits and HTGAWM finished a few weeks ago, with brilliant storylines up until the finales. Elementary has also been really good for the last couple of weeks and even though Chicago Fire, Chicago Med and Chicago PD have taken the last few weeks off, the episodes have been good, and they’re back now for the final stretch before they finish for this season. I haven’t watched this season of Grey’s Anatomy, Being Mary Jane, The Good Wife or Blue Bloods, but I’m planning on doing a whole binge watching event during the summer.

Happy Thursday!