Marchesa Me Tulle Gown.

When it comes to stand-out gowns that knock you out with their simplicity, beauty, craftsmanship and iconic flair, nobody does it quite like Marchesa. I mean, how perfect is this tulle gown?

Once again Marchesa has hit it out of the park and I am in heaven!




Gowns, Gowns, Gowns.

While it’s true it’s not every day I’m able to wear a fancy gown… in fact come to think about it, I don’t think I’ve ever worn one, but that doesn’t stop my undying appreciation for a floor-length dress with a bit of character and charm. Though some are not ones that would usually appeal to me (Marchesa I’m looking at you even though I’ve been in love with you gowns for at least over a decade), there’s still something about all of them that I love. Case in point, the gowns below that drew my attention for various reasons.









I guess I’ll have to make do with just looking.



Fabulous Friday

Friday. The day that everyone looks forward to, the day that everyone prays for on Monday. Nothing beats the great feeling of leaving work or school on a Friday afternoon and knowing that for the next two days you have complete freedom from work related responsibilities (that is unless you work seven days a week, in that case, too bad). To celebrate the end of the working week, here are my picks from

The dresses:

Roksanda Ilincic. Roksanda Ilincic is known for her striking coloured silk silhouette gowns and this Falcon silk gown is NO exception. With a sexy slit and copper finish with a sapphire coloured sash, this gown is worth the entire pay check (who needs to pay their bills or eat anyway?). Perfect for making a statement and standing out in the crowd; pair with a heeled sandal or a platform court shoe.

Roksanda Ilincic 


Alice + Olivia. Be the heart and spark of the party with this sequined stretch-mesh mini dress from Alice + Olivia. All that glitters is DEFINITELY gold with this dress and it’ll see you through a night of fun at the hottest nightspots, or a date in a restaurant or bar. Keep it simple and let the dress shine for itself by wearing with black tights and black platform pumps or ankle boots.

Alice + Olivia 


The coat:

Rick Owens. The master of all things edgy, striking and cool has found a new way to keep women ahead of the curve with this light brown Maria double-faced cashmere coat. Wear Maria with simple ballet flats or a pair of black wedges, and leggings or jeans. Perfect for a walk in the park with friends, or keeping warm from the harsh winter months, this coat has it all and will truly be the investment piece of your LIFE.

Rick Owens 


Mason by Michelle Mason. Show your dark side this winter with this black oversized shearling coat. Another reason to stop eating for a month in order to save up for clothes has revealed itself with this oversized coat which is sure to offer both comfort and style for the wearer. Whether you’re wearing it with skinny jeans or leggings, this coat is perfect for those late nights home or early morning rushes to work. Flats and heels will you through while you can concentrate on giving winter the cold shoulder.

Mason by Michelle Mason 


The rest:

Hanky Panky. Don’t let the change of season stop you from having a little Hanky Panky. Keep fun and flirtatious with these stretch-lace thongs and boy briefs, whether you’re alone or enjoying some company. With colourful sets of three and five to choose from you won’t find yourself without fun in the coming months.

Hanky Panky Set of three stretch-lace thongs   Hanky Panky Set of five stretch-lace thongs   Hanky Panky Set of three stretch-lace thongs   Hanky Panky Set of three stretch-lace boy shorts   Hanky Panky Set of three stretch-lace thongs


Whatever you’re doing this weekend, enjoy it and on the bright side, it’ll be Friday again in seven more days 🙂