Clutch It, Bring It Bag.

For those of you who grew up with an older brother who loved rap music, you’ll understand when I say that those early rap songs are pretty hard to just forget. Now you’re probably wondering what the hell rap noughties rap music has to do with net-a-porter, so let me explain. As I was going through the latest designer duds on net-a-porter this morning, I came across quite a few clothes and bags that I felt deserved their very own post, instead of being lumped together with the clothes (like I usually do). For some strange reason, while I was figuring out what to title this post, the 2006 Busta Rhymes song ‘Touch It’ popped into my head immediately and the rest as they say was history – I had my title. Now for those of you who are unfamiliar with the chorus of the song, it goes a little something like this: “touch it, bring it babe, watch it, turn it, leave it, stop, format it”. Anyway, onto the bags…


Anya Hindmarch     Anya Hindmarch     Anya Hindmarch 

Styling Suggestion

Michael Kors     Helmut Lang     Alaïa 


Kotur     Kotur     Kotur 

Styling Suggestion

Dolce & Gabbana     Temperley London     Charlotte Olympia 


Burberry Prorsum     Burberry Prorsum     Burberry Prorsum 

Styling Suggestion

Maison Martin Margiela     Robert Clergerie     CAPITOL COUTURE BY TRISH SUMMERVILLE 


Charlotte Olympia     Charlotte Olympia     Charlotte Olympia 

Styling Suggestion

Temperley London     Helmut Lang     Christian Louboutin 


Matthew Williamson     Matthew Williamson     Matthew Williamson 

Styling Suggestion

RED Valentino     Stella McCartney     Christian Louboutin 

See what else is new here and make sure you check out the song on YouTube!




Beckham, Oak and Maje.

Victoria Beckham leads the designer pack in today’s favourite picks. While her ‘Denise’ ponte dress may need to be taken up a few inches if I were to wear it, the blush pink and contrast black mesh is a killer combination that I’d love to rock for a night of fun and dancing, or better yet to rule the boardroom with some crazy high stilettos.  Every girl definitely needs as many LBDs as she can shake a stick at, especially one that is all bodycon on top, but then offers something a little different with a flirty flared skirt at the bottom. Oak knows how to make sure you feel as comfy as you look chic while resting at home and catching up with all your favourite TV shows, especially with their super chic white cardigan that I’d wear (oversized of course!) slung lazily over a pair of black leggings and a long tee. This cute Victoria Beckham mini skirt is just the thing I’ve been looking for (and believe me have I been looking) that would go nicely with practically everything. Maje obviously knew what they were talking about naming this jacket ‘Dream’, because it is all that and so so much more!


Victoria Beckham     Victoria Beckham     Victoria Beckham  outfit

Styling Suggestion

Saint Laurent     Saint Laurent     Isabel Marant 


Victoria Beckham     Victoria Beckham     Victoria Beckham  outfit

Styling Suggestion

Rosantica     Repetto     One Vintage     Fendi 


OAK     OAK     OAK  outfit

Styling Suggestion

OAK     The Row     Falke 


Victoria Beckham     Victoria Beckham     Victoria Beckham  outfit

Styling Suggestion

J.Crew     Maison Martin Margiela     Christian Louboutin     Mansur Gavriel 


Maje     Maje     Maje  outfit

Styling Suggestion

T by Alexander Wang     Rag & bone     Common Projects     Givenchy 

See what else is new here.



End Of Week Pick-Me Up.

I would have posted this yesterday but I was suffering from a Shonda induced double-whammy attack (I’m talking about the season finales of both Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal), which I won’t go into now because I think I’m still feeling the effects of it. So in some way, I guess you could say that this list kind of makes up for all the crazy head-fucks and heartbreaks Shonda and her team of incredible writers were able to do to me over the course of two hours.


Obviously it’s not every day that you see a snow globe being sold on net-a-porter, so when you do, you know that you either buy it straight away, or if you’re like me and have a very stubborn (but imaginary) billionaire boyfriend, then you add it to your wish list and blog about it instead.

Maison Martin Margiela by L'ATELIER d'exercices     Maison Martin Margiela by L'ATELIER d'exercices     Maison Martin Margiela by L'ATELIER d'exercices 


How cutesy is this tee? What I love most about it is that it adds a touch of femininity to boyfriend jeans, or when paired with a skirt and stilettos, mellows everything out. So either way it really is a win-win.

Band of Outsiders     Band of Outsiders 

Styling Suggestion

Splendid     Alice + Olivia     Giuseppe Zanotti     Bottega Veneta 


Shimmi is a swimwear brand new to net-a-porter and I am loving them! I can’t wait to see what else they’ll be come out with in the coming seasons.

Shimmi     Shimmi 

Styling Suggestion

Étoile Isabel Marant     Saint Laurent     Miu Miu 


While I’m used to seeing Cire Trudon candles a lot over on net-a-porter, I’m not however, familiar with ‘violet and leather’ scented candles. I kid you not, that is actually the scent of this Yazbukey limited edition candle.

Cire Trudon     Cire Trudon     Cire Trudon 


Lately I’ve been getting a little obsessed with boyfriend jeans. I’m not sure what’s coming over in the fashion stakes, but I have to admit that I am liking this style evolution that appears to be taking place in my fashion taste buds.

J Brand     J Brand 

Styling Suggestion

Chloé     Giuseppe Zanotti     Alaïa 


And finally, what wish list would ever be complete without at least one pair of killer shoes to send us off happily on our way? My pick of choice this week are a glittery offering from Jimmy Choo, and we all know how much I like glitter, so obviously I couldn’t possibly resist.

Jimmy Choo     Jimmy Choo 

Styling Suggestion

Tibi     Theory     Alaïa 

All in all I’d say it’s been a good week. I’m finally back home for the long four month summer, and even though it’s going to be a little crazy, I can’t wait. Let me know what you think and I hope you’re all enjoying your weekend.



Mediterranean Monday.

Today, while scrolling through the latest clothes on (where else would I be looking…), I found myself being drawn to the beige, white and blue colours that reminded me of my love for the Mediterranean.


You can’t get any more Mediterranean than Italy, and Dolce & Gabbana do not disappoint with their homeland inspired crystal and cameo, pasta clip on earrings that just exude Italian luxury.

Dolce & Gabbana     Dolce & Gabbana     Dolce & Gabbana 


They do not joke when they call this clutch oversized, and I love it all the more for that reason. This large clutch is perfect for dinner out with friends, with enough room to fit all your emergency makeup as well other essentials; as well as keeping in theme with the Mediterranean. Wear this with just about anything, from a mini or maxi skirt to flared or skinny trousers for an effortless cool.

Maison Martin Margiela 


I am in love with this sand, milky coffee coloured satin-trimmed twill jacket. The tailoring is perfect and I can imagine walking home after a night out with the girls, with this vision of loveliness draped on my shoulders. Not only this, but it reminds me of my black blazer ( that I LOVE LOVE LOVE. Wear with a loose fitting tank a la Kain or Alexander Wang, a pair of black trousers or black mini skirt, and the Maison Martin Margiela clutch mentioned above.

Ralph Lauren Black Label 


This Dione gown is an exclusive to, and looking at it, you can see why. It looks like something out of ancient Greece, which is not surprising that new net-a-porter designer Sophia Kokosalaki, is indeed Greek. Perfect for a summer wedding in a Greek olive garden, or for a summer party, you can’t go wrong with this simple yet oh so elegant gown.

Sophia Kokosalaki 


There is nothing I love more than a six inch killer heel with a platform, and these pumps kick all of the boxes. Need a pair of killer shoes to go with your Sophia Kokosalaki gown? Look no further than these Giuseppe Zanotti satin platform peep toe pumps. The ivory colouring is perfect and you really couldn’t ask for a better shoe. If weddings aren’t quite your thing, or like me and you’re not getting married, then why not team these with a white mini dress for the summer party season, and not forgetting your oversized cluth.

Giuseppe Zanotti 

With summer just around the corner, the idea of the Mediterranean sounds even more appealing. Check out net-a-porter’s website to see what else is new today. Happy Monday.