Glitter and Jewels.

There have been a lot of beautiful shiny things on net-a-porter recently and I couldn’t just keep them to myself. Though I’d say my taste in jewellery has always remained pretty consistent, as I’ve gotten older I’ve seen that there’s a very specific type of jewellery that drives me while. Dainty, delicate small pieces that are so cute and feminine yet understated and not too flashy – especially when it comes to earrings.









But the thing I love the most about all these beautiful shiny things? They’re just so nice to look at, and it’s as simple as that.



In Anita Ko Heaven.

Since discovering Anita Ko on net-a-porter a few years ago, I have been obsessed! I love how girly, cute and fun all the pieces are. As a massive earring fan, I especially love all her tiny studs, that have inspired me to fill my ears with loads of piercings just so that one day I can wear all of them.


And don’t even get me started on the rings? Each ring is just as lovely and delicate as the last, again making me want to wear all of them… Ah alas, I guess for now, looking will just have to do.


Aren’t these all so dreamy? See more from Anita Ko here.




How cute are these Carolina Bucci studs? A simple design that’s not boring (thanks to the glittered coating) and oozes sophistication, these earrings are the kind every girl needs in her collection.

Available in three different colours, you can get bet that these are right at the top of my wish list.




There’s a new brand I’m obsessed with and it goes by the name Kitri.

Kitri Logo

Born out of the inability to find well-made clothes that don’t cost an arm and a leg, Kitri was created to fill a void in the market for young professional women who didn’t want to sacrifice style just because their bank accounts didn’t agree – this is something every woman can relate to.


Naturally upon first glance at the dresses I fell head over heels in love with the collection and already started creating a wish list of pieces to buy once payday came around. So what exactly makes this brand so special? Well for one, the brand interacts directly with the customers meaning prices are much lower because there’s no “middle man”. Additionally, you can expect to find great designs that are feminine and girly but not too delicate, as well as staples every girl needs in her life.

Gala Black Cold Shoulder Cocktail Slip Dress by KITRI Studio    Gala Pink Cold Shoulder Cocktail Slip Dress by KITRI Studio

What’s more is that with a limited number of pieces produced, you don’t have to worry about seeing someone else in the same outfit as you – another thing every woman can relate to – unless they are equally as stylish as you are 😉 PLUS, with an update collection coming once a week, you can be sure that your wardrobe is the freshest, chicest one around town.

Black 90's cami slip dress by KITRI studio  

Watch this space because you can expect to be seeing some of this brand’s chic pieces on here in the nearby future. Check them out here.



Total Stud-Muffin.

I love studs. Cute, practical and subtle, stud earrings (especially the really small ones) go with all outfits. I’m always on the lookout for studs to wear as I find them to be less flashy and attention-grabbing, yet still able to be the finishing touch complete any look. These days studs are getting more delicate and coming in unique designs like the mismatched earring sets that I’m currently loving.







And speaking of studs, I’ve always wanted to get a second ear piercing but for whatever reason I haven’t. Therefore, by the end of the year I really hope that I’m finally able to take the plunge and get my second hole done – just think about all the more earrings I’d be able to wear!




I’m not sure how long this brand has been on net-a-porter, but it recently caught my eye (thanks to its luxe and extensive knitwear collection that had me wanting to buy everything), and I’ve loved adding their pieces to my wish list.


Founded in 1999 by Andrea Karg, Allude, is a Munich based luxury knitwear design house that focuses on creating comfortable but oh so chic pieces, primarily from cashmere, that though basics are nothing basic. These classic items, including sweaters, coats, trousers and more, are the perfect foundation for any luxury wardrobe.


Since its inception, the brand has only gone from strength to strength with loyal customers coming from all over the world.


Allude is definitely a brand that I’ll continue to look out for on net-a-porter as well as in other places, and that I hope to be shopping from very soon. For more information on Allude, you can check out their site here.




As the year draws to a close it’s hard to not look back over the past ten months – at the ups and the downs, the trials and the tribulations – and feel a wave of emotion. From what I’ve gathered from twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and basically every social media platform, 2016 has been challenging (for whatever reason) for most of us. At times it’s been hard to see the light at the end of the very long and very dark tunnel; it’s been hard to keep hope; and for a lot of us all we need is that sign that everything will be okay in the end. When I first heard this song I was so moved by it and its message of not giving up and fighting on, that I knew I just had to share it as today’s Soundtrack.

If you’re looking for a sign or for hope, this song is definitely it. Happy Sunday!