KW X The Edit.

“We will not fail. We will not go down. We will fight the fight. There’s always a solution.”

Kerry Washington is the resident cover girl for net-a-ports online magazine, The Edit, and omg is she a stunner! We know that looks aren’t exactly everything, but as this is a fashion blog, aesthetics really are kinda, sorta everything (and as expected we were not disappointed!).

In the magazine, Kerry talks about Scandal (natch), being a woman/working mother in the industry, as well as giving a little insight into her new production company named after the street her mother grew up on in New York.

This was such an inspiring and beautiful spread that most definitely reignited my loved and admiration for the actress.

Talking about Scandal, last Saturday was spent binge watching and catching up on the last few episodes and omg has it been all kinds of juicy scandalousness. We can’t wait to see how the season will come to an end, but we’re super excited to find out!




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Olivia Palermo X The Edit.

Olivia Palermo is on the cover of net-a-porter’s weekly The Edit and I love it.


While the accompanying article didn’t actually say a whole lot (in fact it didn’t actually say anything), the pictures and outfits in particular more than made up for it.

unnamed-4:   unnamed-3:

It was interesting seeing Ms P styled in ways that we’re not usually used to seeing her, proving that she looks good in just about everything.


For more from the shoot (and the irrelevant article), check it out here.




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Kerry Washington X The Edit.

Wow FINALLY! Kerry Washington is The Edit’s latest cover girl, and she is looking all kinds of beautiful fabulous!

Cover girl: Kerry Washington flashes just a hint of skin on the cover of The Edit, wrapping herself up in a jacket from Isabel Marant

I’ve been staring at these pics since yesterday and I love how effortless and serene Kerry looks in every shot. She truly is an incredible role model and inspiration.

Showing some leg: The 38-year-old actress got some sun in another stunning shot, going barefoot in a simple Marni dress

WOW WOW WOW. You can check out more pictures and the rest of her interview here. Happy Friday!




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Naomi Campbell X The Edit.

Many a great woman has graced the cover of net-a-porter’s online mag, The Edit, and this week is no exception with the mighty and formidable Naomi Campbell adorning the latest issue.

Helping hand: The supermodel, who grew up in the fast-paced world of fashion, was offered valuable advice from Nelson Mandela

The pictures are absolutely striking and really took my breath away. I mean, just look at her – WOW!

Still a super: Naomi Campbell may have broken into the industry nearly thirty years ago but at 44, she's better than ever - and proves it in this glossy shoot for The Edit High fashion: She's worked for every major fashion house but Naomi admits that even she gets nervous before a catwalk appearance

Internationally renowned: Along with Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell is without a doubt one of the fashion industry's most famous faces and at 44, she's still going strong

In this week’s Edit, Campbell dishes on how she still gets nervous before shows, her family in the fashion world (because let’s face it, this woman has connections with just about everyone in the industry – from the late Gianni Versace to Azzedine Alaïa and John Galliano), as well as talking about her charity work.

Survivor: She says that as a Gemini, she likes to keep moving and doing things and being there for friends no matter how hectic her life may get

I know that I do call a lot of women amazing role models on here, but Naomi really is one of the greats and she is truly incredible.

Internationally renowned: Along with Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell is without a doubt one of the fashion industry's most famous faces and at 44, she's still going strong

Check out the full interview here.




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Girl Most Likely.

Olivia Palermo features in this week’s The Edit, where she talks about her surprising [fabulous] wedding outfit from earlier this year, her design collaboration and hopes for the future, gives great style and fashion advice, and just continues to be her incredible amazing and inspiring self.


In her interview she also talks about seeing the bigger picture in life and not being ‘short-sighted’ in terms of goals or future prospects. Olivia has something of a ten year plan, which even though it may seem a little too far off, it allows for ‘room to breathe, change and alter the plan’. I definitely feel that at a time when there is so much pressure (both internal and external – especially internal) it’s good to remember that things take time and that there is no hurry to achieve anything.

Girl Most Likely   Girl Most Likely

All we can do is live our lives to the fullest every day and keep moving forward. I really think that Olivia’s way of looking at things with a long-term perspective is something I’m going to try to adopt in my life, which should hopefully lift some of the neurotic and anxious energy from my mind.

Girl Most Likely    Girl Most Likely

I’m telling you, the more I read about Olivia, the more I’m dying to hang out with her. She really does seem like such a cool girl to be friends with. Check out the full interview here.



Net-A-Porter Edit X Jada Pinkett Smith.

Jada is this week’s cover girl for net-a-porter’s online mag The Edit, and in her interview she talks about everything from her latest career move (she’ll star in the new TV show Gotham which follows the beginning of Jim Gordon’s career – Batman fans rejoice) female equality, exercise and fitness, her marriage to Will Smith (and just kind of marriage in general), and so much more.

Sometimes it’s as though Jada flies under the radar, but whenever editorials like this come out, I’m reminded of the great inspiring, bold and empowering woman that she is. And if her being badass isn’t enough to make you read the interview, just take a look at how amazing she looks in these shots!

Female empowerment: Jada puts her fame and power to good use - she once visited Washington to testify on sex trafficking and now she's working with CNN on a documentary about it

Will Smith is one lucky man! Jada Pinkett Smith, 42, has been given a seriously slick makeover for The Edit's latest edition, within which she opens up about female empowerment and her marriage

Speaking out: Jada says that being a woman in an industry that has a voice made her feel this enormous amount of responsibility to speak out about female empowerment

Strong bond: Over the years, she and Will have been accused of unfounded infidelities, of having an 'open marriage' and have even had their sexualities questioned, all of which she shrugs off

You can check out the interview here.




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Olsen: The Edit.

As you know, here at Diamonds and Pebbles, we worship at the feet at the world’s most stylish and fantastical twins: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. So natch, I thought it’d be a great way to end the work week by showing these fab pictures from their interview with net-a-porter’s The Edit. Aren’t they stunning?

Twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen appear in this week's edition of's digital magazine The Edit

The 27-year-old twins have revealed that their luxurious Full House wardrobe ultimately led to the launch of their own fashion line

The blondes are seen modelling pieces from their label, The Row, in the shoot by Miguel Reveriego

The fraternal twins also spoke about the perils of knowing nothing but fame    The fraternal twins also spoke about the perils of knowing nothing but fame

While the interview didn’t really say anything I didn’t know already about the girls (hey what can I say? I do know them pretty well), it did give me a chance to see them in the news… my how long it’s been. Read their interview here.