Five Favourites Thursday: June 2016.

Yess! We’re finally officially in summer, and though the rain likes to remind us that we’re still living in London, it’s nice knowing that we are in the throes of summer and that warmer days await us. June has been a really reflective month for me, and just like how the season has changed, I’ve begun to feel the season change from within, with those grey cloudy months moving into my periphery. Today’s Favourites may seem familiar, but that’s just a testament to how big a role they really play in my life.


I wrote an article about seven things The Good Wife taught me over the years, and I found that writing the article was actually quite cathartic for me. Not only did it give me a chance to look back on the past seven seasons and all the juicy, heart-rending episodes, but it also allowed me a chance to look back on my life and to plan for the future. Make sure you check out my post here.


Throughout these cloudy months the one thing that’s kept me going has been my beauty, hair and skincare blog. I’m continuingly learning more about my hair, my skin, different ingredients, different treatments, and ways to look after myself. I update the blog twice a week (every Tuesday and Friday), so check that out too if you’re in need of any advice, or just want to see how I’m doing.

diamonds and pebbles title


As always, Tumblr has been an extremely incredible source of inspiration, motivation and educational place for me over the month. While I’m regularly on the site, in the last couple of months I wasn’t on it as much as I was during the month of June. As I gear up for the second half of 2016 I’ve found myself more drawn to it than ever, and it reminds me not to give up when times get rough.


Net-a-ports has been another source of inspiration for me this month. I don’t know if it’s because they’re getting better pieces or because my style has developed more, but net-a-porter have been KILLING IT recently in terms of their ‘What’s New’ section. It’s been a while since I’ve shared my favourite picks from the site, but you can be sure that I’ve been trawling the site at least three times a week. Every time I browse through the incredibly beautiful pieces, I’m hit with the motivation to keep striving for beautiful things.



The two things I can’t live without. Even though this last one is kind of cheating, television and music have been the biggest boosters for me this month (actually now that I think about it, they’re always the biggest boosters for me). I’ve shared a few of the things I’ve been watching and listening to, but that doesn’t even begin to cover all the things I’ve been immersing myself in recently. As the month draws to a close, so do many of my favourite shows; but as a new month begins, so do many of my other favourite shows.

Tomorrow also marks the official beginning of the second half of the year with only 183 days left of the year, so today kind of feels like New Year’s Eve. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year holds! Happy Thursday.




Five Favourites Thursday: May 2016.

As months go, I think it’s fair to say that this month has been the most challenging in part due to that pesky mercury retrograde (something that I never paid attention to – in fact I always used to think it was all talk and something everybody just threw about as an explanation for life’s hardships), but as we enter that shadow retrograde period, I’m feeling things have calmed down a little bit. Today’s monthly favourites are shows that have managed to distract me and keep me sane during this arduous month.


The show ended in early May, but I held off on watching any episodes until the season was finished so that I could have a marathon weekend. Though the show has ended, I am happy about the spinoff that will focus on Diane and Lucca.


My favourite Persians are back for another season and it’s been interesting seeing how they’ve managed to move on from all the craziness last season (i.e. Reza breaking off his engagement to Adam at the last minute, GG accusing Mike of trying to have sex with her, Mike’s engagement and subsequent marriage to Jessica, the list goes on), as well as seeing the new troubles the gang encounters. I’m excited to see how the series progresses.

The gang looking photo-shopped to within an inch of the lives


I actually only found the latest Housewives installment thanks to Shahs and let me it’s definitely different. This series revolves around the Dallas charity circuit and these ladies are definitely a force to be reckoned with. I haven’t quite found my favourite housewife yet, though Brandi is deffo at the top of my list, but this is definitely worth a watch if you’re a fan of the franchise and want to see something new. However, do beware, because I’ve found myself getting ridiculously annoyed at these women for being soooo annoying.

L-R: Cary, Brandi, Stephanie, Leanne, Tiffany


The NYC housewives are back with a new member to the squad, Jules, and so far the season has been very fun and interesting. Compared to the Dallas housewives and to other housewives of the franchise, there’s something more chic, refined (though some of these ladies are anything but) and sophisticated about the New York ladies that really sets them apart from their housewives peers. As usual I’m loving Bethenny, and now that Heather and Kristen have left the show (THANK GOD!!!!), I’m enjoying every episode and taking each drop of drama as it comes.


By this point you can probably tell that I have a soft spot for reality TV and in all honesty it’s one of my favourite genres to watch. In any case, this season focuses on the run up to Morgan and Brendon’s wedding, as well as the introduction of new girl, Bianca, following Roxy’s departure. We’re only a few episodes into the season and (of course!) there’s already been so much DRAMA. It’s been fun to watch, and as I also follow Dorothy and Morgan’s snapchat and instagram’s, it’s been fun finally seeing the stories behind their past uploads.

Another show that’s helped me through this tortuous month is Elementary which finished a few weeks ago. I loved that unlike last year, the season finished on a good note, so at least that’s one less thing I have to stress about. I’m also looking forward to the Orange County housewives that should be returning very soon! If any of these take your fancy, make sure you check them out. I hope this retrograde was more forgiving for you guys! Happy Thursday.



Five Favourites Thursday: Fendi April 2016.

I’ve been dying to share these for ages, but decided to hold out until the end of the month for today’s Thursday Favourites, as truth be told, April hasn’t exactly been the funnest or most exciting month. So anyway on to the bags. This month net-a-porter has been turning it out with their selection of Fendi bags and I have fallen head-over-heels with all of them. It’s even gotten to the point where I’ve had to make the conscious effort to stay off the website to stop myself drooling over the bags. My favourites of the Fendi pack is hands down without a doubt the Peekaboo, which at first I didn’t quite understand the design but then out of nowhere randomly started loving the design. The Peekaboo comes in a range of different sizes (my favourite being the micro ones that also double as bag charms) and embellishment details and I’m in love with every single one. My next favourite has to be their small rectangular tote with a small thick strap so the bag stays close to your wrist at all times, as well as a longer shoulder strap. And then finally, who doesn’t love the infamous Baguette? It’s so cute and perfectly sized for any occasion.











You can always trust net-a-ports to fill your heart with what’s most important in life – fashion! 😛 Happy Thursday.


Five Favourites Thursday: February and March 2016.

As I didn’t do one of these for February and not a lot has happened this month, I thought I’d do a joint February/March FFT. Not only is today the last Thursday of the month, but it’s also the last day of the month, which always makes these Thursday Favourite posts all the more poignant for me.


On Sunday my sister and I went to see Puddle of Mudd. Despite all the horror stories we heard about Wes’ recent stage antics, we were still more than excited to go and watch a band that was such a staple in our childhood.

Five Favourites Thursday: February and March 2016

Five Favourites Thursday: February and March 2016


February was a month full of hanging out with friends and enjoying fun excursions. It’s always great catching up with friends and having a laugh, especially when things aren’t always going right in some areas of life.

Five Favourites Thursday: February and March 2016

Five Favourites Thursday: February and March 2016

Five Favourites Thursday: February and March 2016


Is it bad that food was such a highlight of February and March? While it may seem like I’m clutching at straws in an attempt to fill out this list, food really was such a great part of these past two months. Following on from the previous highlight of friendship, I think what made food such a great part of food was who I was with while I was eating it.


My beauty blog has been growing steadily and a few weeks ago I surpassed 10 000 page views (none of which were mine!!!!) which was such a great feat and something I was really proud of myself for. I’m still working to creating new content and trying out all kinds of hair and beauty stuff, so make sure you check it out.

diamonds and pebbles title


TV has been especially good these past two months. Suits and HTGAWM finished a few weeks ago, with brilliant storylines up until the finales. Elementary has also been really good for the last couple of weeks and even though Chicago Fire, Chicago Med and Chicago PD have taken the last few weeks off, the episodes have been good, and they’re back now for the final stretch before they finish for this season. I haven’t watched this season of Grey’s Anatomy, Being Mary Jane, The Good Wife or Blue Bloods, but I’m planning on doing a whole binge watching event during the summer.

Happy Thursday!



Five Favourites Thursday: January 2016.

Wow, the first month of the year is dunzo! Sidebar: who remembers watching Laguna Beach when dunzo was practically Kristen’s catch phrase? Anyway, as the month draws to a close, I’ve found myself being increasingly reflective, so I thought I’d switch things up for this month’s FFT and share five things I’ve learnt this month.

  1. “Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back, everything is different…”

Though this is something we’re all aware of on a subconscious level, it takes big events in one’s life to actually realise this fact. On Monday I graduated from my masters, and as I sat in the auditorium watching my fellow graduates go up to receive their awards, I looked back on my struggles during my masters and realised just how far I had come. While last year, being stuck in the rhythm of studying felt never-ending, now being on the other side of it, I see how everything is different.

  1. “The bad news is nothing lasts forever. The good news is nothing lasts forever…”

Following on from my first point, something I’ve always known, but didn’t fully grasp until I was waiting to officially graduate. Nothing lasts forever. I wish I had been more aware of this last year when I was driving myself crazy and feeling like I was being buried alive by stress.

  1. I should probably reread A Place of Yes.

I first read it a few years ago (you can read my thoughts on it here) when I thought I was coming towards the next phase of my life. A few nights ago as I lay staring into the dark, I had a random thought about the book and realised I was coming towards the next phase of my life, and felt it was time to revisit Bethenny’s wise words. Say what you will about Bethenny, but I’ve always felt she was my mentor/spirit animal/ guru, and if there’s one thing she knows a thing or two about: it’s life. What I find most inspiring about her is that she’s been knocked down a thousand times, but she always manages to get back on the horse.


  1. Laughing puts you in a great mood.

I think I’ve laughed every single day of this month and I’ve loved every second of it. When you spend most of your days laughing it’s hard to be in a bad mood. My most used emoji is the laughing face with tears, which also happens to be an accurate representation of what I look like especially after chatting with my crazy friends and sister. As a result of all my laughing, I can feel my abs forming! Result! Hahahahahahahahahahaahahhaa.

  1. “Do what you love.”

While most of my days are spent filling out job application after job application, I’ve still found time to continue doing some of the stuff that I love like writing. Though updates on this blog may border on the sparse side these days, I have been regularly writing and updating my hair and beauty blog, as well as writing a piece for The News Hub about six ways k-drama Oh My Venus changed my life. I’ve always loved writing and I’ve always found the time to write but during these past few weeks, where I haven’t been met with deadlines or such rigourous restrictions, has brought me so much joy; as well as the fact that I’m able to spend my time doing something that I enjoy and doing something that I am passionate about. As cliché as it sounds, do what you love. It’ll bring you some inner peace and a sense of happiness.

It’s fair to say this month has been pretty cathartic for me, and hopefully I’ll be able to keep my momentum going so we’ll see how February goes. Happy Thursday!



Five Favourites Thursday: October 2015.

Another month gone and only two more until the year is finished. While this month has been fairly mellow for me, I wanted to share a few highlights.


At the beginning of the month, my older sister threw an Afrofutures event in Manchester, so my younger sister and I went up to support her. It was a day filled with fun activities and lectures from professionals from all over the world and ended with a just as awesome after party. I also have loads of pictures from this trip which I will share soon.

Five Favourites Thursday: October 2015


It’s always great when I get to see Holly and Laura, especially when life’s been bordering on the shit side. These girls always make me cry laughing and always give my stomach a good work out from laughing so much.

Five Favourites Thursday: October 2015

The food’s also good too.

Five Favourites Thursday: October 2015


Even though I changed the name of this blog earlier this year, I’ve always felt strangely connected to the old name of the blog and felt like although it didn’t fit this blog anymore, I was letting it go to waste. So naturally I decided to create another blog. This new blog focuses on hair and makeup and is over on blogger (sorry wordpress) so please go and check it out. The blog follows my personal hair and beauty experiences, and won’t be as mismatched and crazy as this one.


The person who inspired the blog above is the Australian beauty youtuber Dani Mansutti. She’s so funny, sweet, down-to-earth, cool and an all-round beautiful person inside and out. In my mind we’re the best of friends, and she really inspires me to find my own beauty path (hence the new blog) and to really try out new things. She’s also a Scorpio, born in November (on the 4th) and loves pugs, so we already have a few things in common 😉


So technically this isn’t a highlight yet, BUT in preparation for tonight, I thought I’d just add it to the list. Last year when my sister and I saw Turbowolf, we had the greatest time and made a promise to see them again. Well, that time has come and tonight we will be rocking out with them and I can’t wait. Pictures to come soon, but in the meantime, here’s a look at last year’s fun. You can also check out the post I wrote about it here.


Happy Thursday!



Five Favourites Thursday: The Mini Bag.

Yes it’s that time of the month again where I share five of my favourite things. I think it’s fair to say that September has been a really mellow month for me so far (but who knows what’ll happen in the next six days…). Since handing in my dissertation at the beginning of the month, I’ve been relishing the fact that for the first September in about twenty years (I’m not even joking) I haven’t had to return to any form of education. It’s been both exhilarating and a little weird, but it’s something that was going to happen sooner or later. So, what have I been doing instead of returning to the classroom you ask? Well, I’ve been eyeing up the cutest mini bags and making a wish list of course. Check it out.











Today also happens to mark the return of TGIT!!!!!! And I’m only a little bit* excited… Happy Thursday.




*if a little bit means EXTREMELY he he