Duele El Corazón.

I know I sometimes have the tendency to sound a bit over the top in my writing, but I promise you I mean every single word – but I do believe that after you’ve listened to this song you’ll feel the exact same way. Okay, so a few weeks ago this song came on in the office and OH MY GOD from the moment I heard the first line I was hooked. By the time the chorus came around I was FLOORED, and by the time the song had finished, I had died about a million times and come back to life – it was that great. Something else that made me realise just how great the song was, was the fact that it made me pause my own music which hardly ever happens because my music is better than what plays in the office – or at least so I thought. Anyway, it wasn’t until a bit later that I realised it was sung by Enrique which looking back I’m wondering how I didn’t recognise his angel voice. This song is sexy, passionate, fun, catchy, addictive (I won’t tell you how many times I’ve listened to it – I blame that damn-killer beat), and just the thing I didn’t know I was missing from music. It’s put a spring in my step every time I’ve listened to it, and I do believe it’s changed my life for good! This song has hands down got to be one of the best I’ve heard ALLLLLLLL year aka my whole life!

If you only do one thing today, make sure you give this song a listen (or twenty)… Oh and there’s also an English version if the original is a little too hot for you 😉 Happy Sunday.