So I think I may have stumbled on something great… Actually no, scratch that, I’m SURE I’ve stumbled upon something great; and that is Parisian brand Pallas.


What makes Pallas so great? Well for starters there’s the fact that despite me not being the biggest tuxedo fan for women, I have a sudden urge to own all of their beautifully tailored pieces. I want to wear them with skinny jeans, tees and sneakers for a laid back day look (then swap the sneakers for heels at night); I want to wear them with skin-tight bodycon dresses; I want to wear them with just about anything because I KNOW they would pair so well with everything.

Styling Suggestion


Anyway, crazy-psycho-Alice rambling aside, this is a really cool brand, inspired by Le Smoking (think Yves Saint Laurent), and designed by Daniel Pallas and Veronique Bousquet, who have been featured in Vogue; and they have already inspired me to mix up my look a bit.


Styling Suggestion


Super massive gold star to these guys! And you can check out more here.




Like a Lady.

Most days I dress like a slob. But on those off days when I feel like putting an extra bit of effort into my public appearance and personal presentation, it never hurts to look to pieces like the ones below for inspiration. Ladylike dressing doesn’t just mean perfectly hemmed dressed six inch stilettos (though arguably that’s part of it); it means something so much more – it means bringing that extra bit of glamour and simplicity (think Olivia Palermo or Blair Eadie especially in their dressed down looks), to each and every outfit.


Stella McCartney     Stella McCartney  close up    Stella McCartney  outfit

Styling Suggestion

Saint Laurent     Alexander McQueen     Repossi 


Valentino     Valentino  close up    Valentino  outfit

Styling Suggestion

Christian Louboutin     Matthew Williamson     Ileana Makri 


Isabel Marant     Isabel Marant  close up    Isabel Marant  outfit

Styling Suggestion

J Brand     Alaïa     Bottega Veneta 


L'Agent by Agent Provocateur     L'Agent by Agent Provocateur     L'Agent by Agent Provocateur 


Gucci     Gucci  close up    Gucci  outfit

Styling Suggestion

Helmut Lang     Victoria Beckham     Christian Louboutin 

See what else is new today on net-a-porter.



What’s New Wednesday.

It feels as though it’s been forever since net-a-porter has wowed me like this, so I’m feeling quite appreciative right now. Fingers crossed that Friday’s selection will be just as giving…


You know I’m a sucker for a sweater/sweater dress, but when I first saw this oversized sweater dress I was very undecided, and it wasn’t until my third run-through of net-a-porter that I decided to through caution to the wind and add this bad boy to my wish list. It looks cosy and light enough to wear while the weather’s still a bit chilly, but warming up.


Styling Suggestion

Isabel Marant     Alexander Wang     Alexander McQueen 


With spring and summer just around the corner, you’ll forgive me for REALLY desperately wanting this kimono style jacket. It’d be perfect for those lazy summer days, thrown over a pair of skinny jeans and a loose tank or vest.

Anna Sui     Anna Sui 

Styling Suggestion

Current/Elliott     Kain     Saint Laurent     Chloé 


I honestly don’t know what it is about this shirt, but I know that I had to have it on my wish list. If I got a big enough size, I’d just wear it as dress, but this can work just as well tucked into a pair of skinny jeans or sequinned mini skirt.

Karl     Karl 

Styling Suggestion

Mother     Giambattista Valli     Lanvin     Miu Miu 


Lately I have been all about the sheer shirt, and while this shirt is obviously NOT sheer, it reminds of many that I’ve seen. Moving on… this shirt has Equipment written all over it and has me longing to be back at work so that I can see and feel the luscious crushed silk shirts. Anyway, normally the sleeves on this thing would bug me, but they kind of work for this shirt.

Michael Kors     Michael Kors 

Styling Suggestion

Milly     Alexander Wang     Tory Burch 


It’s been a long time since Marchesa has had any new stuff on net-a-porter, and while it’s made me feel kind of sad, I can definitely say that it’s been worth the wait. This gown is EVERYTHING and I can see it either gracing the red carpet this award season, or making a grand entrance at a fancy gala.

Marchesa     Marchesa 

Styling Suggestion

Bottega Veneta     Kimberly McDonald     Saint Laurent 

Is it just me or has this week zoomed by so quickly? I can’t believe it’s already which is practically the end of the week for me, especially considering how my weekend pretty much starts on a Thursday. But anyway, let me know what you think and check out net-a-porter to see what else is new this week!



Clu, Veneta & Dreyfuss.

These pieces are from Monday’s ‘What’s New’, but I didn’t get round to sharing them then. Yesterday had a healthy selection of new pieces, but there were WAY too many to share (I know, like that’s ever stopped me before), so Monday’s favourites will have to do. Enjoy.


It’s the back of this striped sweater that gets me. I’m in love with the white silk-chiffon ruffles that have me wishing that I was still working so I could have seen this beauty up close. But oh wells, it’s all good, I guess ogling them from behind a computer screen with have to suffice!

CLU     CLU 

Styling Suggestion

Maje     Tory Burch     Chloé 


This tank dress also has a pair of matching shorts which look pretty snazzy (it’s just a shame they’re not really my thing), though it was THIS dress that really caught my eye. You can’t really go wrong in a tank dress and when I’m at home (and not being lazy in pjs) this is what I’m usually wearing.

CLU     CLU 

Styling Suggestion

Lanvin     Lanvin     Saint Laurent  


I saw this and stopped. Obviously I’m a sucker for a Bottega Veneta clutch so I’m probably really biased. What I most look forward to is accessorising this clutch with future looks.

Bottega Veneta     Bottega Veneta 

Styling Suggestion

Calvin Klein Collection     Miu Miu     Charlotte Olympia 


When I look at this bag it’s made ever more clear to me that I need a new bag and that I need my billionaire boyfriend to hurry up and buy me my early birthday present pronto – I mean, four days is a long time to wait for a bag…

Jérôme Dreyfuss     Jérôme Dreyfuss 

Styling Suggestion

The Elder Statesman     Mother     Miu Miu 

Funny to think that the first week back at uni has flown by and I’m already preparing for a VERY lazy weekend, but not before a fun night out with the girls and some friends. In the meantime, I’m going to mooch on the sofa, or maybe I’ll watching something. Anyway, let me know what you think and check out net-a-porter to see what else is new this week.



What’s New Wednesday.

It’s been more than a long time since I’ve done a fashiony/net-a-porter post, and even though I’m THIS close to finishing my American Studies essay and should really be focusing on that, I think I’d rather kick off the new year with a fashion post – I know, I know, priorities or what… ahaaha.


You’ll probably recognise this clutch from previous posts’ styling suggestions. Nothing beats an oversized clutch especially on those nights out where it feels as though you have to pack your whole beauty bag and wardrobe. I’m talking about bringing those extra pair of flats, hair bands, makeup, ID, keys… the list really does go on, and this clutch is perfect for housing all of the above. I have a similar one from H&M that does just the trick, if only it was as chic as this though…

Yves Saint Laurent     Yves Saint Laurent 

Styling Suggestion

Matthew Williamson     Gianvito Rossi 


I saw this sweater today at work and I must say that it felt DIVINE to touch and I wish I could have at least tried it on before I gave it back to the fourth floor. Anyway, this sweater would look perfect with a pair of jeans and flats, or maybe over a glittery/feathered mini skirt and pumps – I’m thinking Olivia Palermo style.

Étoile Isabel Marant     Étoile Isabel Marant 

Styling Suggestion

Milly     Christian Louboutin     Bottega Veneta 


Nothing says Alice more than a plain and simple jersey top, and I think this Miu Miu cashmere and silk-blend sweater really couldn’t say Alice and clearer. You really could wear with this with anything and wear it anywhere. Oh the joys of simplicity!

Miu Miu     Miu Miu 

Styling Suggestion

Mother     Isabel Marant     Alexander Wang 


I’m not going to lie, but back in the day I used to eat, live and breathe in my white jeans. They were by far my favourite thing to wear although after an incident of really bad grass stains, I hung up my white jeans for good, and I can say that it’s been about six years since I’ve worn them. Looking at these Rag & Bone jeans I’m reminiscing and wishing more than anything that I owned a pair of white jeans. I guess this means that they’ve been added to the wish list.

rag & bone JEAN     rag & bone JEAN 

Styling Suggestion

Kain     By Malene Birger     Jimmy Choo     Bottega Veneta 


While I’m not usually one for fancy tops (I’m more of a sweater, vest and tee kind of girl), I do like to indulge in a bit of glamour. This lace top is so cute and I love that it can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion.

Diane von Furstenberg     Diane von Furstenberg 

Styling Suggestion

Milly     MICHAEL Michael Kors     Charlotte Olympia     Yves Saint Laurent 


I can’t tell if this is my favourite pick today, but I think it might be. Where to start? I love the feathered mini skirt, the cut, the way it fits so snuggly on the body, the colour, the fact that you could probably wear this with flats and get away with it, whilst simultaneously wearing with stilettos and looking like a grade A supermodel! All I can say is; good job Catherine. Good job indeed!!

Catherine Malandrino     Catherine Malandrino 

Styling Suggestion

Christian Louboutin     Bottega Veneta 

Anyway, now that that’s all done, back to my essay and here’s to finishing it tonight before I have to trot off to bed. And also here’s to getting out of bed at 7 am for work tomorrow morning! Goodnight.



What’s New Wednesday.

How weird that it’s almost the end of the week (my weekend always starts on a Friday)? Before I know it, I’ll be packing up for Christmas at home – my, what a semester it’s been. But anyway, before I go off on a tangent down memory lane, here are my picks from net-a-porter today.


I had to do a double take when I saw this sweater. At first I wasn’t too sure, but after close inspection and several minutes analysing the stitching (I can’t help that I’m a knitting freak), I figured that I didn’t have much to lose in falling in love with this sheer sweater. Throw on over a pair of black leggings and thick woolly socks, or slink over a nice pair of jeans and boots.

Dion Lee     Dion Lee 

Styling Suggestion

Mother     Yves Saint Laurent     Isabel Marant 


I think we all remember my summer’s obsession with these boots, and I think we also remember me getting cold feet and not actually buying them. Anyway, I’m a firm believer in putting the past in the past (…) so I’m going to overlook that mishap and turn my attention to THESE. These darker boots are PERFECT and would go even better with a pair of dark jeans for the Christmas and following January season.

Isabel Marant     Isabel Marant 

Styling Suggestion

Mother     A.P.C.     Alexander Wang 


How could I not pick these platforms? I know that they’ll be making the rounds in my styling suggestions, so keep an eye out for them in the future. While I’m sure they’d look amazing in jeans or a dress, I’d wear with a mini dress to get my dance on in.

Charlotte Olympia     Charlotte Olympia 

Styling Suggestion

Versus     Bottega Veneta 


There’s something about putting diamonds on here that I just love… okay so it’s probably because diamonds are in the title of the blog, but still! These round sparklers are sure to make anyone’s day and to put a nice smile on your face. Now imagine getting these in your stocking? Two words. I DIE.

Spectrum     Spectrum 

Styling Suggestion

Mother     Burberry Brit     MICHAEL Michael Kors     Tory Burch     Yves Saint Laurent 

Let me know what you think.



A Few Pieces That Caught My Eye.

Okay, so before you think I’ve completely abandoned you and the blog let me just say that net-a-porter hasn’t been the most interesting place in the past three weeks. And to be honest, nothing has wowed me enough to write a solo garment post (at least not since that Oscar de la Renta stunner from a while back). That being said, here are a few bits that I’ve been collecting on my wish list since then.


One of the main things I love about Giuseppe Zanotti heels is that they are almost always guaranteed to be a good six inches. Even though these particular heels might scream WEDDING, that doesn’t make them any less casual, simply style with a mini dress or loose playsuit. All that aside however, these have totally made the shortlist for my wedding shoe.

Giuseppe Zanotti     Giuseppe Zanotti 

Styling Suggestion:

Equipment     Yves Saint Laurent 


I’m (un)officially on the lookout for a fur gilet and none of the other ones I’ve seen have come anywhere close to how much I love this one. Trust that to happen to me eh… But anyway seeing as this little beauty is from Kors’ diffusion line it is just about affordable; and also considering that I’m THIS close to going back to work over Christmas, I’ll be able to save up for this bad boy in no time!

MICHAEL Michael Kors     MICHAEL Michael Kors 

Styling Suggestion:

Mother     Marni     Tory Burch 


While I’m more of a Uniqlo denim kind of girl, I can’t resist a nice pair of jeans. My designer jean of choice you ask? Well it’s none other than the denim brand Mother which I grew to love over the summer while I worked in the department store. You’re probably used to seeing them being styled with other picks, but I thought it’d be nice to give them the spotlight they deserve.

Mother     Mother 

Styling Suggestion:

Alexander Wang     Yves Saint Laurent     


There isn’t too much to say about this funky sweater – apart from the fact that three sizes have already sold out, which I’m none too surprised about if I’m honest. This thing is everything I look for in a piece of clothing: for starters it’s a sweater, it’s embellished in sequin snowflakes and it’s oversized. It’ll look perfect with a pair of leggings of skinny jeans.

Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti     Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti 

Styling Suggestion:

J Brand     Charlotte Olympia 


I’ve been in love with this bag ever since I first saw it a few years ago. While I would prefer it to be a bit bigger, this bag still managed to make the cut. But if a large bag isn’t your thing, fear not because Alexander Wang also has a miniature version of the Rocco – talk about cutie pie. And one last thing, a belated congratulations to Alexander Wang who was named the new creative director of Balenciaga. Oooh I’m super excited!!

Alexander Wang     Alexander Wang 

Styling Suggestion:

Mother     Oscar de la Renta     Tory Burch 

Check out net-a-porter today to see what else is new and let me know what you think. Also, you can get free shipping on ALL orders from now until 23.59 pm on 7th December, in celebration of Vogue’s OFW (Online Fashion Week). All you need to do is remember to type in: VOGUEDEC. You must be shopping on the international site though for this code to work.